12 January 2012

Being Prepared

As well as being a SAHD, I'm also a prepper. Oh, I can already imagine the comments that statement will elicit.

No, I'm not an end of the world conspiracy theorist who thinks zombies will soon run amok. I don't wear camo, and I don't own a 4 x 4. Though I will admit to having some vacuum packed ammunition, but only because I got it that way at a great sale price.

Nope, I'm not that exciting. I'm just a practical fellow who has a family to protect and provide for. Several years ago, Sweetheart and I started noticing that prices on our most frequent purchases were slowly but surely going up. Not much at first, but enough to notice.

Then about 18 months ago, I had on of those Ah Ha moments. The educated among you would call that an epiphany, but today I feel like the redneck I was born as, so I'm calling it an Ah Ha moment. Out of the blue I realized that I was actually in a tenuous position. My continued life, something I'm kind of fond of, depends on certain medications being readily available. And about 18 months ago, there was a shortage.

Now I'm an American. I've never had to wait for anything I needed and I'm too young to have experienced a shortage of anything. Ever. I'm spoiled.

So this shortage got me curious. And when I get curious I dig. It's what I do. I love research. The more I dug, the more oddities I found. Prices tripling for basic items, medication shortages, fuel price increases, etc. So I tracked a few things and saw a trend developing that freaked me out a bit. Sweetheart was pregnant and had a toddler to care for. We have always been blessed with financial security, but like most Americans, we had less than a weeks supply of actual food in the house. There had never been a need for anything else.

So we talked about it and decided that it only made sense to become preppers. We prep, not for armageddon, but for the eventualities which have become more and more common these days. The loss of a job, or another extended illness. A home fire or tornado. In other words, we prep for life and the interesting eventualities which inevitably visit themselves upon said life.

So that's some of what you will find here in the future. As the husband of a frequent traveller and the father of small children, I have found being prepared is an absolute necessity of life, and I'll share what I can to help others.