19 January 2012

From the mouths of babes...

I love listening to my daughter as she rambles on. It's not always easy to understand - she's a lazy speaker and just started speech therapy - but every now and then something comes through clear as a bell that just makes you fall over laughing. At least on the inside, 'cuz she gets real upset if she thinks you're laughing at her when she's being serious.

So tonight at supper she started talking about "when she was a baby." Goodness, you'd think she's 30! So she was telling us all about her infancy - and getting quite a few details correct - when all of a sudden she started telling us how we just periodically become homeless! I had no idea!!

And then I realized - that's what it seems like from her perspective. She doesn't understand yet that when we go to Grandma's house, our house is still here waiting for us to come back to it. She thinks we go to Grandma's when we don't have a place to live!

Make's me wonder what else she thinks. It's kind of cool to let the mind wander back to 3 years old and see the world anew.