28 January 2012

Prepping With Children - The Tactical Diaper Bag

When I decided to be a Stay At Home Dad, there was no way I was going to use my wife's choice of diaper bag. After looking at the huge bag filled to the brim with junk, my OCD freaked out and I knew I had to find a dad's bag.

After a bit of looking, I found it. The Maxpedition Colossus Versipack, shown here with the addition of the Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer and two Maxpedition Mini Rollypoly Folding Dump Pouches.

This thing is great! It has so many pockets and pouches I can fill it with everything I need for a day out with the kids. I'm a bit spoiled, I admit. I like my conveniences. If I'm out with the kids, I want to be able to have easy access to everything I need to have a trouble free outing. Whether it's rewetting drops for my contacts for when that Texas dust blows, or hand sanitizer that I can surreptitiously grab after my daughter wipes her nose on her hand and then grabs mine to dance. (I try not to give my kids a complex, but I am a bit of a germophobe.)

So now I have a ways to carry pretty much everything I might need in a relatively compact way. The versipack itself has a large main compartment with several interior compartments. This is where the diaper cream, toys, and extra change of clothes for each child, brush, tissue and daily or trip specific items get tossed. On the top of the main flap is a compartment which holds plenty of snacks for the day. On top of that is a crosshatch of bungee straps which is great for keeping large items like a blanket, jacket or highchair cover. On the back, towards the body, is a large ambidextrous concealed carry holster which can comfortably carry a 9mm and extra magazines if so desired, or coloring books if you prefer. There is also a large flat pocket which easily hold a half dozen of my diaper changing packs. These my wife thought I was nuts for, until she had Little Man out and had to change him with one of my packs.

Now let me explain. I'm not nuts. I'm OCD, but I'm not nuts. I also hate wasted effort or trying to find things when I need them. A place for everything, and everything in it's place. That's my philosophy. It's not my wife's philosophy. She'll read this, so I'll stop there. Suffice to say I analyzed the diaper changing process and tried to improve it. My son can blow out any diaper, and I danged sure didn't want to have him at the store or a museum with me desperately trying to find wipes that had fallen down to the bottom of a pile of junk in a huge bag. Hence this whole exercise in organization.

This is my answer. A vacuum packed bag containing a diaper, a diaper disposal bag, 2 Sani-Hands Wipes, and another separately sealed bag of 5 wipes.

The first time Sweetheart used one, she was hooked.

The Rollypoly pouches are great for sippy cups, and fold up when not being used. And the Organizer is handy to keep adult supplies separate and easily accessible. Rewetting drops, headache meds, etc. There's also room for car keys on a clip, my camera, my large multi-tool and a box of Pepto for that day out at the state fair.

Put together, this bag has made life so much easier for us. I'm able to get the kids out with less fuss and more enjoyment. I had it all ready for our first day at the Texas State Fair, and it helped make it the most easygoing outing ever.