16 January 2012

So Much Blood!

It's really kind of amazing when you think about it. We made it through almost 4 years of parenthood with no serious emergency room visits. Only went once when we were freaked out about Little Man having RSV and we were being overly paranoid parents. That time, he stopped screaming and started nursing as soon as we got into the ER. Then he fell happily asleep. I suppose every parent has at least one story of paranoid stupidity, and that's mine.

Yesterday afternoon, however, was a bit different.

So I'm sitting at the table watching Little Man have a snack and happily surfing the internet while Sweetheart is gearing up Princess for a bike ride. Princess just got her first big girl bike and was begging to ride by herself. Sweetheart decided it would be a good time for a photo op. Who knew Princess , who had been having trouble figuring out the whole pedaling thing, would suddenly figure it out - right as Mommy was distracted getting the camera.

So Princess takes off like a shot...

Mommy calls for her to stop...

Princess hits the hand brakes...

Princess stops by planting her head into the concrete.

Oh my!

Sweetheart runs in the door saying, "I need your help, she's bleeding!" I head out the door expecting a skinned knee or some such minor thing. Princess always wants Daddy to kiss the boo-boo and make it better.  That's my job. I kiss boo-boos.

What I did NOT expect was to be stopped in the doorway by a fountain of blood that was my precious daughter! Wow, head wounds are real gushers! There was blood everywhere, literally pouring out of her head.

So I get her corralled enough (kind of like catching a greased pig) to find the wound and danged if her "protective gear" wasn't the culprit. Her helmet gave her a gash 1 1/2 inches long and 1/4 inch deep. Right over her left brow. That's when fatherhood kicked in and I got the bleeding slowed down enough to get her to the ER for her 6 stitches. I can live another 60 years and die happy if I never have to hear my child scream like that again.

And of course, I'm blogging about this for the obvious reason.

Princess wants to go for a bike ride...

Sweetheart ain't having nothing to do with it...

And I'm trying desperately to stall the inevitable by blogging about it while trying to remind myself that she has to get back on that bike today.

It occurs to me that sometimes we have to let them get hurt to let them learn about life, but my goodness - how do you let go when you don't want to let go?

Ah well, she's at my knee begging, so here goes nothing.