12 January 2012

Time Flies

Kids grow up so fast. A few days ago, I had one of those days that just makes a Daddy realize how fast time flies.

Monday started out normally enough. Busy from the beginning. I had an appointment in the afternoon and Sweetheart wanted to do some shopping afterward, so she took off and went with us. At my appointment she kept the kids in the waiting room while I went back.

Now here, I have to say that the most wonderful part of being a stay at home Dad is that I get to see all the firsts. I'm there for everything. Right? Wrong!

For months now, I've been working with Little Man on his motor skills and balance. Building him up to take that incredible, momentous first step. I just new he would walk for me. I just knew he would reward Daddy for all his hard work and patience.


While I'm in the doctor's exam room I get a text from my wife. Little Man took his first steps! And I missed it! And Sweetheart wasn't even diplomatic enough to lie and let me think his second step was his first.

Oh well, such is a Daddy's life. We work with them, care for them and teach them to be independent. Then we are blessed to watch, or hear about, their first steps into the world on their own. They move forward on their own terms and in their own time, and we let them go and try not to hamper their budding independence by hovering or making them perform on command, or by letting them see how ready we are to pick them up and dust them off when they fall.

So I missed my son's first step. But, when I came out into the waiting room, dejected and sad, I didn't miss him running - not walking - into Daddy's arms!

Now that would have been a momentous enough day all by itself. But more was to come to make me half wish I could keep them babies forever.
We got to the mall and my sweet little Princess asked me for earrings like Mommy. Not the clip-ons I had hoped to get away with. Not the naked baby ears I would have cherished. Nope, she wanted big girl earrings. And how can a Daddy say no. So of we went. Oh, the tears. The technician actually teared up. Princess wanted those earrings so badly that she kept asking for the next one even as she cried SO hard from the pain of the first one. My little girl is growing up so fast! She cried into my shoulder long enough to convince me I had made a mistake before suddenly cheering up and getting excited about showing all her friends her new earrings.

So now my Little Man walks and my Princess wears real jewelry. And my Sweetheart says we need to have another so we can still enjoy the baby stage. Oh my!