11 January 2012

Who I Am

I suppose I should start this little endeavor off by introducing myself and the team. I’m 39 (oh, too soon to be 40) and am a full time at home Dad. The Lord truly blessed us by turning lemons into lemonade when, after going through some trying health issues and being unable to work for an extended period, we were amazed to find that we “made” more money when I was home taking care of the little ones. My Sweetheart loves her career and did not want to be a stay at home mom, so we switched roles. We get a lot of odd looks and ignorant remarks, but the lifestyle suits us well. I head my family and my household, and my wife is able to enjoy her career without worrying about the kids.

I have two incredible children, Princess and Little Man. Princess is 3 and keeps me in a fairly constant flux of amazement and irritation. Amazement because she has a shockingly accurate memory and blows me away with her vocabulary, cognitive skills, intuition and creativity. Irritation because she is so advanced she thinks she’s 30 and doesn’t have to pay attention to mere rules and instructions. She makes sure life stays interesting. I wouldn’t trade her for the world, and if my Mama was still alive, I’d apologize for the “interesting” times I must have provided her.

Little Man is still at that stage when you feel like you can see the world from his eyes for a new perspective. It is so cool to watch him explore and figure out what things are and how they work. And fast – Lord have mercy that boy can scoot! He took his first steps two days ago, but his main form of locomotion is to grab hold of anything he can get ahold of that he can shove across the floor to maintain his balance and run.

Then there’s the Furball. I suppose you could say our 5 year old cocker spaniel was our first child. He has a nervous disposition and chews when he’s nervous. Only dog I’ve ever seen who can work the pedal on a mechanical trash can and get trash out to chew up. He’s a great guard dog though. Has an incredible bark. Scares the living daylights out the UPS guy.

My Sweetheart, well, I can’t really say enough about her. The song “She and I” comes to mind. We have our own little world, and it’s a good life.