01 February 2012

What a Woman!

You know, it's easy to take people for granted. You get used to someone being there and you don't always say thanks. I try not to do that. I hope I say thank you enough.

I'm sitting in a hospital bed, sore from a liver biopsy and itching to go home. My Sweetheart on the other hand, is carrying the boy and chasing the girl on her way to get me a mocha. What a woman!

My beloved has sat beside so many hospital beds and in so many doctors' waiting rooms. She has patiently changed dressings and made up medication dosages. She has corralled the kids in their most hyperactive states so I could be wheeled back to surgery knowing my family would be there when I got back. She says she has no maternal instincts, but she has tended the kids with patience and love when I've been too sick to.

I became a Stay At Home Dad so she could have the freedom to pursue her career to its fullest. She's now moving into higher management after being heavily pursued by headhunters due to her excellence in her industry. But even now, she chose a position which requires minimal travel so she can be available if I absolutely need her.

The funny thing is that when we met, she told me she was shallow and selfish! I laughed then and still laugh now. Never in my life have I met a more giving, caring, selfless individual. Never have I met someone with more complexity and depth of personality. I learn knew things about her every day, and rarely learn something I don't love.

I don't know what I did for God to bless me with such a truly wonderful wife, but I thank Him for her every day. And after watching her run around this hospital room for 9 hours chasing a 1 year old and a 3 year old, while answering her phone and sending emails because she couldn't take the day off, all because she doesn't like to leave me at the hospital by myself, I think I'll be making sure I thank her more often as well. What a woman!