15 February 2012

You know, I really don't understand some folks. It seems like people can't express and opinion anymore without being extreme and insultingly elitist.

My Sweetheart just asked me if she was destroying my manhood. She had seen that the Duggars are saying that any woman who doesn't rely financially on their husband is destroying the husband's manhood. That she's disrespecting him by being self sufficient.

Lord have mercy! Where do people come up with this kind of stuff??

Now, regardless of the opinion of many "Christian Elders" in the media these days, I am an actual, believing, conservative Jesus filled Christian. When we married, my wife and I entered into a covenant with God. Not a contract, not a compromise, not a temporary relationship and not a master/slave dogmatic harem either. We became part of a union centered on God. Anyone who enters my home and looks at my family will know we serve God. Not because we tell them so, or have signs up on the door or anything so overt. Our goal is simply to live an example. We aren't perfect at it. Oh, some days we're not even good at it. But we keep trying. Trying to be an example of Christ to everyone around us. We're not called to evangelize anyone, or to beat anyone on the head with our Bibles.

And my job sure is not to tell anyone else that they're living wrong. The Bible is pretty clear that judgment belongs to God, not me. So I get a little upset when people say stuff like this. I know every stay at home dad takes a lot of bull because of their choice to be the primary caregiver, but I don't understand why.

My Sweetheart LOVES her career. And I can't fully express how proud I am of her and her work. She's highly respected in her field. There are only a handful of people with her level of experience. Not many folks can say their lover is integral to the actual saving of lives which would otherwise be lost to cancer. She makes a huge difference in our world.

But to be a proper wife, she should give up saving lives, take off her shoes, get pregnant and start cooking?? And that is supposed to boost my manhood?? Good grief!

I have two beautiful children and a very happy wife. That tells me I'm one heckuva man. And knowing that I'm caring for my family in the way God has led us to believe is right for our family boosts my manhood. My daughter knows when she falls down Daddy will be there to pick her up. My son runs to me with a big grin, knowing Daddy will grab him up and put him on his shoulders so he can see the world from on high. My wife has a special twinkle in her eye when she looks at me. These are the things that boost my manhood.