20 February 2012

You Know You Have Toddlers When:

We've all gotten the "You know you're a 'blank' when..." Emails a hundred times at least. But I figured I'd go ahead and add my own two bits here. And as you laugh, remember, this is my life.

You know you have toddlers when:

You start wearing shoes in the house to protect your feet from stray legos.

You tell your vertically challenged spouse, "Don't worry, eventually they'll grow up and we can move things back onto the lower shelves so you can reach them yourself again."

You tell your spouse, "Don't worry, Sweetheart. If the dog food doesn't hurt the dog, surely it won't hurt the kid."

You wake up in the night to go to the bathroom and as you're walking back to bed you realize you're singing the Octonauts song."

While you're doing your taxes, you realize the kids are outside playing and you're sitting at the table watching Chloe's Closet by yourself.

Or, you tell your daughter to hush so you can hear the Octonauts creature report. (Hey, that goofy little show is educational!)

And my personal favorite, the one I'll tell everyone on his wedding day:

You find yourself saying "Son, please spit out the dog poop!"