02 March 2012

Parenting Joy

With me Sweetheart out of town for the last week, things have been rough around here. Little Man has been refusing to drink, Princess has been throwing tantrums and destroying things to try to get attention, and the Furball - well, that little critter has just been going nuts looking for Mommy.

And Daddy...well, let's just say there have been moments of wondering if I'm actually cut out for Daddyhood. Some times I feel like I'm just banging my head up against a wall. Especially with Princess. I try to set a good example, but it seems she just does the exact opposite.

And then, one of those moments when your offspring suddenly, with no warning, does something to make your heart swell with pride and reassure you that you are actually making an impression and that your beloved child is on the way to being a good person.

Sweetheart and I hate throwing yard sales, we like the no muss, no fuss technique of donating gently used things to our local charities. Well between Christmas and birthday presents and kids growth, we have been taking big loads of toys and clothes to donate. and we've helped out a local family that lost everything in a fire by giving them our extra housewares. And of course, we involved Princess in the decisions of which toys and such to donate. But I didn't think the reasoning of it all had stuck with her.

Until we were sitting down for lunch today and my little Princess looked up to the top of the refrigerator and saw the spare coffee maker up there on standby for the frequent times when I put too much water in my wonderful full featured coffee maker - which then stops working until it dries out. She looked over to the counter and saw the other coffee maker and proceeded to tell me we needed to give one of them away. She said, "Daddy, we can't let someone out there have no coffee maker when we have two. It's not right, Daddy. We need to donate it today!"

Oh my goodness, I'm not just banging my head against that little wall! She's learning and putting our lessons to use. Wow, that's a great feeling of affirmation after an exhausting week of tantrums and sleepless nights!

Of course, the downside of it is that now I'm stuck having to donate my spare coffee maker. Ah well, the joys of parenting are multi-faceted.