20 April 2012

Here's to a Better Day

Well, after the chaos of yesterday, I was concerned for today. Especially since last night was a really bad night. The whole family was hit yesterday by a good ole Texas style allergy flare-up. The house was full of the noise of coughing and sneezing and blowing noses. Even Furball was snoring. And when Sweetheart fell asleep, well let's just say I'm sure grateful for earplugs.

The only one who slept peacefully through the night was Princess, who woke up in a wonderful mood and tip-toed into our room to wake me up with a near heart attack inducing "Wakey Wakey!!" Got my blood pumping real good! She's ready to start earning her toys back.

On the other hand, Little Man had a miserable night and has been hollerin' and fussin' since he woke up. He's rolling on the floor crying. I thought girls were supposed to be the master manipulators. Or is that children in general? Oh well, he'll perk up eventually.
I think we're gonna have a great day. Sweetheart was a little cranky, but a little ticklin' took care of that. I'd show you, but I love my life and I'm not allowed to take pictures of her in the morning, even though she's even more beautiful when she first wakes up. I'm still laughing from being scared half to death by my little girl. And Sweetheart is draggin' out the cough medicine and a case of tissues. So we'll nip this allergy flare in the bud.

Grandma and Granddad are on their way in from Lubbock for the weekend, and everyone's excited about that. Princess has been practicing dances to show them and Little Man is looking forward to having someone else to mooch snacks from. I tell ya, that boy is as bad as the Furball when it comes to food! Open up a bag of pretzels and they'll both be at your feet within seconds.

After the, umm, challenges of yesterday, Sweetheart and I laid in bed last night (gasping for breath between talking and blowing noses) and brainstormed on what was going on. She pointed out that we both seem to have an illogical expectation that life should be perfect. Our children should be perfect. The dog shouldn't throw up on the carpet. The house should be spotless. You get the idea. I don't know where we got it, but it's caused alot of stress. So we talked about it and decided that we were going to stop expecting perfection.

Instead, we're just going to expect joy. Which means that our expectations will be met every single day. There's just no way to avoid it when you have a wonderful spouse, two beautiful little gifts from God and a Furball who is always proving how much he loves his family. We get distracted by the inconveniences of life sometimes, but today we see nothing but the truth and the joy that is our blessed life.

Yep. It's gonna be a great day!