19 April 2012

Melted Brain

If you try hard enough, you can actually control your temper and not beat your child half to death when she brings you her $300 "indestructible" glasses, which she "accidentally brokeded" when she was "playing with them and bending them."

However, the calm comes at the cost of your brain. I am pretty sure mine melted inside my skull...at least it did if the headache is anything to judge by. I think she actually managed to shock me straight through anger and into utter frustration.

So, instead of spanking her (no, I wouldn't "beat her half to death" - my idea of spanking is 3-5 swats on the butt with my hand) or putting her in her corner for time out, I actually managed to do exactly what I had previously warned her I would do if she destroyed anything else.

I had warned my destructive little Princess that she would lose all of her toys and dolls the next time she tore something up. So now, well, let's just say her bedroom is pretty barren. The new huge table I just made for her fur frenzies is empty...and that's a pity, because I was actually looking forward to showing it off to my Mom-in-Law tomorrow. Her toy box is empty, and my closet is full of toys.

We're not exactly sure why Princess has been on such a tear for the last few months. My theory is that she's been acting out of jealousy of Little Man. He's been sick alot and has needed alot of attention. I mean, come on, the boy's one! But Princess was used to having all of the attention herself. She seemed to be doing fine until about the start of this year. Then things started happening. She climbed under her playset and took a Sharpie to it...and the wall...and the carpet...and herself. She managed to get into the candy dish and went and hid with Little Man as they ripped through about a pound of chocolate while I was cooking dinner. Thankfully, the Furball was under my feet and not scarfing down chocolate as well. Lord have mercy, what a night that was!

Seems like anytime you turn around, she goes nuts. I think she's spent more time in the corner in the last four months than in her whole life combined. Apparently, we were blessed to miss the terrible twos and got the furious fours instead! Punishments have just rolled off her back. Five minutes later, she's back to the same thing.

So now, we get creative. Now my Princess is going to learn how to clean the car and wash the dog, among other chores. Shoot, if she tears anything else up, she might just learn how to use the pooper scooper!