24 May 2012


Sometimes, parenting is so fun! Princess got some weird little hair extension thing in a Happy Meal tonight. She put it in her hair and asked if this blue thing made her more beautiful. Oh my! So I thought for a minute, while she explained to me how girls put pretty blue things in their hair to be more beautiful. I got down on my knees, held her face in my hands and explained to her that she was a perfect mixture of everything good in Mommy and Daddy. I explained how she had my eyes and Mommy's nose (Thank God!) and how she was so pretty. I told her the ONLY thing that ever made her more beautiful than she already is is her wonderful smile. I told her when she smiles, the world spins faster and angels sing. Which resulted in her flashing me a smile that lit up the night and made tears come to my eyes. She took the goofy thing out of her hair and said it would make a good trophy in her pony races. Then she hugged me and said,"Daddy, the only thing that makes you more beautifuler is when we cuddle on the couch." I know my place! I've never been more happy to sit and watch Mike the Knight than I was tonight as Princess snuggled up and wrapped her arms around me. Wow! It is so great to be a Daddy!!