20 May 2012


My family is such a blessing! We were on our way to my in-laws house when I ended up in the hospital after having what my wife has since termed a seizure storm. My poor wife was suddenly stuck with me in the ER, the car loaded for a 6 hour trip, two VERY disappointed babies and no way to deal with everything.

Within hours, my in-laws were on their way to our house, where they not only took the kids off Sweetheart's hands, they also cleaned the house and replaced all the CFL bulbs with incandescent bulbs in the hope it will help minimize my seizures. Keeping the kids allowed Sweetheart to stay with me and deal with the doctors and nurses while I was drugged half out of my ever-lovin' mind. Which was great since I was having a little problem with consciousness.

On the other side, my brother called frequently to check on us until he could manage to get here, and my sister-in-law dredged through our past to find every possible diagnostic tidbit to help the doctors decipher what was happening to me. My sister advised me on how to deal with the hospital staff, which was rather nightmarish, to put it simply. And my cousin, who also has seizures, reached out with info on the condition and treatments. My other brother, nephew, and many, many other family members and friends reached out with prayers and babysitting and offers of help.

It is so humbling to be so loved by so many people. I and my family can never adequately thank everyone who came through for us this weekend. It has been an unsettling and scary time, but our friends and family helped us through. What a blessing!