30 June 2012

Thought for the Day #6

When you get a chance to introduce your Yankee Sweetheart to your favorite style of music (Country, of course), make sure your memory is sharp, and you don't play the Travis Tritt video series about a wounded war vet, forgetting how horribly sad and depressing the videos actually are. If you do, you WILL make her cry, and you will probably never again get her to listen to your music.

29 June 2012


I had never been more happy to have a migraine. My head was throbbing, but the smile on my little Princess' face was SO worth!

I had just gotten home from getting an MRI of my head, so my noggin was already a little sore. I turned the TV to my Pandora so I could relax with a little music. Well, the Oak Ridge Boys came on and Princess started spinning and begging me to dance with her. I hadn't been able to for quite a while and I told her I couldn't, but the look of disappointment on that precious little face was more than I could live with. So I grabbed her up and as she held onto my neck, giggling and shrieking in delight, I taught my Princess how to do the two-step. Well, okay, it was more like shuffling in circles around the family room, but she didn't care and I sure didn't either.

There are certain experiences in life that simply defy expression. I can't describe the overwhelming joy I felt as I watched my love walk down the aisle of the chapel to be my wife. I can't describe the mixture of fear, awe, pride and joy I felt as I watched my beautiful wife give birth to our two children. And I simply don't have the words to adequately express the happiness, the love, the sheer elation of dancing with my daughter. As I spun in circles and she giggle delightedly, I felt something "click." It was like my purpose in life was affirmed.

I am Daddy. To hell with the migraine. Daddy is gonna dance with his Princess.

28 June 2012

Question of the Day #9


I'm all for imaginative play, but seriously now, shouldn't Dino Dan be sent for psychiatric evaluation? 


A Jedi is Born!

So Little Man finally got his first taste of ice cream. At first, he didn't seem to like it, which kind of surprised me. He shook his head a bit and kind of grimaced.

Then all of a sudden, he got the strangest look on his face. The dog whimpered...everyone else got quiet...dishes rattled...there was a disturbance in the force...you could feel his will radiating toward the ice cream spoon in my wife's hand...

As I watched my wife's hand slowly return to the  dish and make the trip back to my son's mouth, I realized the truth. My son is a Jedi!

(Or my wife's a pushover...either way, ya gotta admit, it's a cute picture!)

27 June 2012

Time Changes

It's amazing how time changes things. My Mama and Granny both passed on in 1994. A long time ago. It took me years to get to the point where I can reminisce about them without getting all teary eyed and depressed. Oh, don't get me wrong - I'm a little blurry in the eyes now, but as I've told Princess, sometimes tears are good.

I was still sick, so I couldn't go to church with the family Sunday morning. But that wasn't gonna stop me from having fun praising God! So I cranked up my Pandora station and between coughing fits, I was singing along with all my favorite old gospel hymns. Sweetheart doesn't like southern gospel music much (that whole Yankee thing again), so I don't get many chances to enjoy the old songs. The Furball was looking at me like I was crazy, and I probably did sound mighty funny croaking along with the music as best I could through my laryngitis. But ah, these old songs get to me!

I remember many dusty afternoons sitting on the floor in front of Granny's old record player, listening to Gospel music. Song after song would play, with Granny telling me which record to load up next. And always reminding me to be careful with the needle! Come to think of it, she'd generally get a bit teary eyed, too, although Granny would never admit to crying. She'd tell me stories about the family, and about the music, and we'd while away an entire day just listening. I miss that.

Mama was the same. She could sing beautifully to the old hymns. They always seemed to make her sad though, so before too long, she'd switch over to rock & roll. No, I don't mean rock music. I mean rock & roll. She loved the music of the '50s, and so do I. She'd dance and sing and tell me about sock hops. I miss that, too.

For the longest time, I couldn't listen to the old music without getting sad. Ah, but ya know, some things are just too happy to leave in the past, even if remembering them makes your eyes water a little. My Princess loves dancing, and she inherited my passion for music. And we're beginning to see it coming through in Little Man, too. And as long as I set the Pandora to Quick Mixx so it includes some of Sweetheart's newer stuff, too, we're golden. And when Princess asks why I'm crying, well, she knows about Heaven, and I've been trying to  figure out how to explain that she actually has another set of grandparents who went to Heaven before she was born. (Hence my tears)

Ya know, maybe I'll let just let the music help me help her get to know them.

26 June 2012

My Little Nurturer

My Princess can't quite decide yet which direction her life will go. One minute she wants to be a fire fighter, the next an astronaut and the next a doctor. Personally, I think indecision is not a problem at age four. One thing I would just about guarantee though, is that whatever she does in life will entail taking care of others. She is such a compassionate and nurturing little darling. The Furball has a damaged nerve in his back, and it's flaring up right now, so he doesn't feel too well. He just wants to lay down and enjoy his pain pills and steroids until the inflammation settles down again. And just to make sure he's completely comfortable, Princess volunteered her very own security blanket, Pink, to keep him warm and comfy. The doc is in!

25 June 2012

Mars & Venus?

Venus be danged, sometimes I think men come from Earth and women come from Alpha Centauri or somewhere!

Bless her heart, Sweetheart had grown her hair long because she knows I love it like that. What can I say? She's sexy as all get out, and when she tosses her hair it just make my knees shake.

But, it's 100' and 83% humidity. The poor thing has been gettin' hot! So when she mentioned it and asked if I would mind if she cut it, I said of course not. By all means, get comfy. I told her she could cut it as short as she wanted.

So Sunday afternoon, I was finally starting to feel better, and I told her to take off for the stylist. I made sure to tell her explicitly that she could cut her hair any length she wanted and style it however she wanted. I was very clear. Intuitive, perhaps.

So she came back. Happy, bouncy and with five inches less hair. And lookin' good!

As soon as she walked through the door, I perked right up and said "I really like your hair! It's sporty!"

Now this is where my alien theory comes in. You can't have this broad of a translation difference if you're both from the same planet.

I said, "I really like it!"

She heard, "I hate your hair!"

I said, "It's sporty!" I was thinking of how young she looked. In my mind were images of convertible sports cars and bikinis and beaches and how much fun we could have with those three things and a weekend babysitter, if ya get my drift. So if you're a man reading this, you understand my Sweetheart's new haircut REALLY gets my approval.

If you're a woman reading this, you're probable from another solar system, too, because you probably think the same thing my wife did. She even told me I ruined her mood.

Yep. I said, "I really like it! It's sporty!"

She heard, "I hate your hair! It makes you look like a butch lesbian!"

'Nuff said.

24 June 2012

Guard Dog Says

"I may be willing to protect the family from that evil UPS man, but Mommy, you have to save me from that KitchenAid Stand Mixer!"

Question of the Day #8


Am I the only Daddy who goes to bed, gets settled in to sleep and then lays there with kid's tunes going through his head?


23 June 2012

A Redneck is Revealed

Ah, it's such a nice feeling when you can watch your children and see parts of yourself passed on into the next generation. You can feel your chest swell up with pride. You might even feel a little tear drop start to form in the corner of your eye.

It's even more satisfying when the event leads to your precious wife rolling her eyes and muttering something to the effect of "Those are your screwed up genes."

Sweetheart brought home supper from a new Mexican food restaurant in town and of course, being married to a Texan, made sure to get plenty of salsa. Little Man was watching me eat, and of course I was using copious quantities of the hot stuff. Sweetheart doesn't approve of my love of spice, but she tolerates it. See, I, umm, well...I married a Yankee. Yes! I admit it! But in her defense, she saw the light after our Princess was born and renounced her Yankeeness to become a full-fledged adopted Texan.

But the poor thing still has very mild tastes and tries to keep the kids from getting anything too spicy. Well, Little Man's patience with Mommy's protectiveness was exhausted. He started wildly waving his hands and hollering over Sweetheart at me. I knew what he wanted. That's my boy, after all! Sweetheart was shaking her head but I just pointed at my wildly gesticulating son and said, "Tell him that." I passed over the salsa, the hottest variety, and she reluctantly handed it to my boy. I held my breath and watched, eagerly anticipating the victory of Texan genetics. Sweetheart waited with napkins in hand, expecting the boy to throw up.

Needless to say, Texas wins every time. That boy's a solid Texan redneck through and through. He tasted the salsa on a tortilla, threw the tortilla away and started shoveling the salsa straight into his mouth with his hands! Smiling all the while.

God bless Texas!

22 June 2012

When Daddies Become Babies

Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I am indeed, a walking, talking, coughing, moaning, whimpering stereotype. I am sooooo sick. And I am sooooo miserable. The coughing, the dripping nose, the throat that feels like it's been sandblasted. The way the world spins when Sweetheart rolls her eyes at me so hard it makes me dizzy. But it's all her fault this time! She made me sick.

Well, actually, she made the boy sick, who made the girl sick. The girl then spread around that mystery goo that preschoolers produce when they get a cold. You know, that slimy concoction of various bodily fluids that they seem to have a primal need to spread everywhere they can reach. Especially on their OCD Daddy. I tell ya, I've overcome many of my previous OCD hangups and compulsions, but man alive, a sick kid produces things that just shouldn't be seen or experienced by anyone over the age of five!

I was fine. I had missed this round of crud. I was home-free. Everyone else had pretty much recovered and I was celebrating my dodging of the bullet. Then my throat started tickling. Then I woke up and it felt like some crazy troll had drug his hobnail boots through my trachea. My vocal cords were tattered and throbbing. And I knew my celebration had been premature.

Yes, I admit it. I am definitely a baby when I get sick.

My Sweetheart is such a stoic when she's sick. Let her get a headache and she'll work through it until she starts snapping at people from the pain and I force her to take a pain pill. Let her get a sore throat and I won't even know about it til she goes hoarse. Unless I catch it, that is. Course, let her push out a baby and she sure as shootin' lets the world know she hurts. She dang near broke my hand with the first one. Of course, she said it was all my fault, because my family tends to produce large babies.

Hmmm. I bet that's why she made me sick.

21 June 2012

Question of the Day #7


Is it bad that I've trained my son, who has recently discovered passions for climbing and general mayhem, with the same commands I've used for the dog? 


(In my defense, it IS funny when the dog gives me a confused look as he tries to flatten himself to the floor when he hears me telling the boy, "Down!", and sees me pointing at the floor to get the boy to stop climbing onto the kitchen table.)

19 June 2012

The Purpose of Life

Ah, the age old questions. What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? Some pray, some meditate, some use drugs - always in search of the elusive mysteries of life.

Me - I have a beautiful, sweet and wise four year old daughter. I don't have to ask. She told me.

"Daddy, I love to snuggle with you. Your tummy is so squishy. You make a great pillow!"

Yes, the mystery of life is happily solved for me. I exist to be a pillow.

Life, my friends, is good!

That's My Boy!

Put on a some cutesy little show like Ni Hao Kailan and my boy will just wander around experimenting with ways to take the house or dog apart.

But put on a show that teaches all about TRUCKS, and my boy can't be separated from the screen. Kind of makes me want to buy another truck and head back out over the road just so I can show him the country through the windshield.

18 June 2012

Brain Train Shocker

Sometimes things don't work out the way we think. I was looking on my Wii for more educational games for Princess when I came across the Brain Train. Wow, what a shocker! Princess didn't like it at all, but Sweetheart and I are in neck and neck competition to get the best score. It's funny. The games look like they're geared towards kids, but they challenge us way more than we thought possible. Hmmm, so is that creative marketing aimed at engaging the whole family? Or is it that Sweetheart and I have brains that have turned to mush over the last few years? Hmmm??

Wow! What great, creative marketing!!

17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!


It's been not quite seven years since you came into my life. I met you the day after I fell head over heels in love with your eldest daughter. You freaked me out quite a bit in those days. But then I guess I probably freaked you out a bit, too. We've butted heads and had a few more disagreements than our respective fairer halves like. They both say it's because we're so much alike in so many areas. Well, I'm proud of that comparison. Because when it comes down to it, you're the yardstick by which I measure my own fatherhood. You mean quite a lot to me, old man.

Have a blessed day!

16 June 2012

Morning Lessons

Good morning, world! I have to share my morning lesson with you.

I used to wake up to an alarm clock. Then my Princess became able to get out of her bed. Now, I wake up to the sound of her running from her bedroom to ours and leaping into my arms. "Wakey, wakey, Daddy! It's a sunny day!!" It beats the daylights out of an alarm clock.

But, I have to admit, the transition from an alarm set for a specific time to my Princess waking up earlier than I ever set my alarm for was a jarring time. Until I began to appreciate the sheer joy of being woken by overwhelming, unconditional love and childishly excited anticipation of the day, well, let's just say it made me cranky. Which is why I decided to adopt the habit of staying in bed for a few minutes after Sweetheart gets up to go in groggy search of the coffee pot, towing Princess and Little Man behind her. I realized cranky just doesn't work. So I found a way to get "un"cranky. I start my day with a daily reading of the Word.

And this is what struck me so profoundly this morning that I have to share. My reading today was Proverbs 14. Now, Sweetheart and I stayed up REAL late last night. So my bleary eyes were being focused by sheer force of will. Until I reached the fourth verse.

"Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, but much revenue comes by the strength of the ox." Proverbs 14:4, NASB

There are people who say the Bible isn't relevant nowadays. And if you're one of those folks, you may not understand this. I mean really! Who uses oxen today? I for one have never seen one. And I grew up in a really small town.

But see, the Lord speaks to me in various ways, and His instructions generally come through His Word. And this Word today has special meaning. He's been trying to get this one theme through to me for awhile now. Sometimes I think I might be close to understanding, then something happens and I get frustrated again. But He got the point through very well this morning, and cleared away my frustration. My bleary eyes came wide open and I jumped straight out of bed with a smile on my face!

Now, those of you who know me well, or who have been following this blog, know that I've had a rather challenging few years. I have several severe health issues, which have recently been joined by a seizure disorder. I've apparently had it for years without knowing it, but recent events have blown it up into a full-blown, medic alert bracelet wearing, life altering condition. I can't drive anymore; I can't take the kids out by myself anymore; everything has been changing. And with great change, comes fear. With great fear, comes frustration. And with great frustration, stepping on legos left scattered about by my little darlings produces a level of crankiness to which I am not accustomed.

Things had been getting really bad in the last few days when, after almost a week with no seizures, I entered another phase of frequent heavy seizures. Now, I must explain here, I have complex partial seizures, not the most often thought of grand mal seizure. When I have a seizure, I return to myself with an ever-growing migraine. Every seizure adds to the pain. Sweetheart has a friend who's a neurologist. He described my condition as migraines on crack. That's about right.

I tell you all that to explain why this verse struck me so profoundly. Switch out "oxen" for pretty much anything. Switch it for "kids" and you get one view. The house would be spotless and Sweetheart and I would still go to Mexico for a long vacation every year. We would have all the money we could ever use. We could make love any time we wanted, or just take off for a weekend mini-vacation on the spur of the moment. We'd never have to worry about stepping on legos, or cleaning snot off doorknobs, or washing cheese out of a toddler's ears.

But oh, what revenue we have had from our choice to have these wonderful children! The manger is messy, most often smells weird, and is laced with lego landmines and milk cups that are cunningly hidden under sofas by our little scientist in his quest for new flavors. But this manger is also filled with the strength of children's laughter, the awe-inspiring power of children's hugs and the overwhelming and unstoppable love and adoration which carries us through from one day to the next.

Switch out "oxen" for health problems, and you get another view. Without all the health problems with which I've been stricken, we would be able to have the children in all kinds of outside activities. We'd be able to take more trips with them, and I could take them swimming any time they wanted instead of having to wait for Sweetheart to be able to go. My children wouldn't know what the inside of hospitals looked like.

But then again, Sweetheart has spent so much time researching my meds and ailments that her old dream of becoming a doctor has been revived. She's now considering options and is becoming more and more excited. My children have developed so much compassion and tenderness from watching me in recovery and from seeing others in hospitals and doctors offices. They have learned patience and determination. They have learned that life may not always go the way you want, but you always have the ability to choose how to respond to trials, and that you can choose to be happy regardless of circumstances.

For me, dealing with the ever-present need to choose "good day" or "bad day", this was a great lesson!

14 June 2012

Amazing Moments

Today was a really bad day. It started out nice, but very soon deteriorated. Sweetheart and I were both tired and the kids were extraordinarily energetic. Sniping and crying abounded. Such is life as a family some day.

It got much worse in the afternoon when I collapsed and came to with the absolute worst migraine I have ever had in my life. I've had pain before, but never like this. It was bad enough that it scared Sweetheart and the kids and freaked me out pretty bad. A few hours of fitful sleep along with my migraine pills and I had returned to the land of the living adequately enough to gather my babies up for their nightly Blessing. Then Sweetheart took them off to bed. Or so we thought.

Little Man wanted a few dozen more hugs which made me smile so big it hurt. Then Princess snuck out of her room to come snuggle with Daddy long enough to share one of the most amazing moments I have ever had in my life. My precious little daughter wanted to make sure I felt better. She wanted to make sure I wasn't worried or afraid.

So she told me about Heaven.

She told me of when she and her brother were with God and Jesus in Heaven, before they came to be with us. She described the special baby cribs that Jesus had for them, each with their own special blanket. She told me of the special toys God gave them to play with - hers were butterfly keys. She told me of the songs Jesus sang to them while He played with them. She told me of how great God was at taking care of all of us and of how much Jesus loved us. And she told me that any time I needed her, she would be right there by my side. She said when you love someone as much as she loves me you always make sure you're there to help them so they don't get scared.

Its not often I find myself speechless, but tonight was one of those times. it's so easy to get caught up in the frustrations and pains of life. But tonight, my sweet daughter reminded me of where I came from, and where I'm going. She reminded me of how much she loved her Daddy, and of how much our Father loves all of us.

I've heard it said that when we're born, God makes us forget the glory of Heaven. I don't know. I think perhaps we choose to forget instead. And perhaps some, like my Princess, choose to remember.

And thank God for that!

12 June 2012

Thought for the Day #5

Kids can produce the weirdest dreams.

I was taking a nap just now, when a herd of wild elephants crashed into my room and trumpeted in my ear while roaring, "Daddy! Daddy!" Then they charged out of the room and a huge earthquake hit, which caused all the dogs and cats in town to start howling and yowling. It was horrible!

Turns out Sweetheart had sent my precious, dainty little Princess up to ask if I was ready to get up for lunch. So she ran upstairs, screamed in my ear, ran downstairs and started singing.

I need to find that girl some singing lessons. Maybe ballet, too. Or maybe just channel that energy straight into football.

11 June 2012

Spoiling Sweetheart at Pandora

I love buying Sweetheart jewelry. Well, actually, I love buying Sweetheart anything. She's a lot of fun to spoil. Unfortunately, she doesn't let me do it very often. She gets onto me because I refuse to buy knock-offs or inexpensive items. I insist on buying the highest quality I can possibly afford, even if I have to plan for it for a long time.

I remember early in our relationship, after she (oh so subtly) hinted (hear the sarcasm here?) that she had always wanted a Coach purse. I gave myself a crash course in ladies handbags. I tickled more than one sales clerk into gales of laughter. You have to understand...I'm a big boy. And even though I was described as an enlightened redneck by a yankee navy buddy many, many moons ago, I'm still a redneck. No, I don't know what enlightened redneck is supposed to mean either. Maybe it means I like a good bottle of port. Your guess is as good as mine. In any case, you just have to imagine this large redneck sauntering into a high falutin' ladies fashion boutique. Ya with me so far? Now imagine that large redneck asking for explanations about the various styles of handbags. And imagine him lining up the sales staff looking for the one who most closely matched his beautiful Sweetheart's size and stature so they could model how the bag would wear. Oh my. I got hit on by more women. And a few confused men.

So far I've bought her three Coach bags and a wallet. Ah, that reminds me of when I bought her second one at the coach store in Arlington. By this time, I knew more about ladies handbags than my lady, so I led the way. This huge redneck, wearing a baby boy in an Ergo, giving a Princess a ride on his shoulders, mopping sweat off his forehead from the exertion of trying to force Sweetheart into the store. Let's just say I got some funny looks. How many men have to convince their wives to buy a new purse.

And the convincing got even more attention. It was really no big deal to me, but it shocked the daylights out of the sales staff and several customers. See, my Sweetheart's first Coach bag was sturdy. And it had to be. It had become the family teething toy. Any time she sat it down, someone took a nibble. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it tastes better than other purses. I don't know. All I know is two Cocker Spaniels, my daughter and my son all teethed on Coach. That danged thing held up pretty well too. But apparently that statement made these women think I was crazy. I heard one whisper in the background about how some people have more money than sense. Ha!

And then, to make it more amusing, I started doing the clerks' job by taking her and Sweetheart around the store explaining the styles and colors. And then I insisted on a new wallet and tried to get her a matching diaper bag, but she made me stop.

I'm a humble man, but I'll have to admit, every lady in that store wanted a piece of this big ol' Texan!

I did the same thing with jewelry.

She only wanted three rings - her wedding ring, engagement ring and a sapphire for the right hand. That sapphire took several years to find. I searched stores all over the country looking. Yeah, at the time the big redneck was a trucker. It adds another dimension of funny when you idle up to a boutique in a semi.

She also has a stunning neckline, which I like to see her show off. So I figured I'd buy her some necklaces. After much time and effort, nope. The jewelry box I bought her has many many necklaces she stopped wearing because of the kids. Now she says she doesn't like necklaces. Oh well.

Sweetheart's big thing is ear wear. She loves earrings. She used to only wear on or two pairs of costume jewelry. A little cash well spent later and she has a large choice. She has fantastic ears, and sapphires or pearls show them off really well.

And of course, I've had to spoil her with watches, too. See, I really did mean it when I said I love to spoil her. She gets a kick out of the fact that I pick out most of her clothes and pretty much all of her shoes, jewelry and accessories. But shoot, she does the same for me! I just figure that's what I'm here for.

The one thing I had missed was something she said she didn't like. A bracelet. I had never looked for her, because she complained that they bothered her. No problem.

Until I did some looking for Mom and found her a Pandora bracelet for Mother's day. Oh my! She loved it. I didn't think she would know what Pandora was, but she did. I've never given a better received gift to anyone.

And then...

Sweetheart began asking why I hadn't bought her a Pandora. And she didn't appreciate me telling her she didn't like bracelets. I got the whole "Aren't I allowed to change my mind??" speech. Dang!

Well, this weekend, while the kids were gone, I took her to the Pandora store and fixed that real quick. A new bracelet and a couple of charms. Oh, I am a sentimentalist, did I mention that. She has two charms, which isn't much yet, but now I can sneak them in any time I can get away with it. She tried to get me to only get one, but I snuck another on when she stepped out for a minute. She has a smiling sunshine bead, because she's my sunshine (I'm a Statler Brothers fan), and she has a heart shaped lock with a dangling key. Yes, I'm a sappy romantic as well, but doggone it, she does have the key to my heart. She laughs at my sappiness, but she had shiny eyes and a really, really big smile when I pointed out what the charms meant.

I'm really impressed with the Pandora line. I thought it was a bit expensive, but the quality is worth it. Sweetheart can't even get it off by herself, which tells me the kids won't be able to tear it up. And everything being sterling silver means it won't wear off or irritate my darling's sensitive skin. I'm pretty happy with it, all in all.

Especially since I now have an easy excuse to continue to spoil Sweetheart for a long time to come, and she can't object!

10 June 2012

I'm Baaaack!

I've been unable to regularly blog for a bit, but I'm finally starting to feel normal again. Praise God! I have a new neurologist, who (amazingly) explained that I have been having complex partial seizures since I was at least 17. I had no idea! I thought everyone had episodes of lost time, weird smells, dizziness, vertigo and other general unpleasantness. That's a little bit of an oversimplification, but you get the point. I had a serious bout of Spotted Fever when I was in high school and no one told me that it would probably cause the onset of seizures. And on top of that, my brain's sleep patterns are wired wrong. Hence my chronic insomnia.

So let's just say it's been an enlightening time. The good doctor increased my Keppra dosage and added something for breakthrough migraines, which he believes are caused by the seizures, and changed my sleepy meds. The results have been astounding. Add to that the blessing of my wonderful in-laws, who took the kids for a long weekend, and I'm feeling pretty doggone good right now. I don't remember the last time I had three uninterrupted nights of sleep. And Sweetheart drove (oh, I miss driving!!!) us out to the mall so we could wander around comfortably (with lots of benches in case I fell over, I'm sure), and even out to the steak house for as leisurely dinner. We relaxed, watched TV, umm...I'll stop there. For three days!

Sweetheart watches me like a hawk, and yesterday she was able to finally say she could see significant improvement in my seizure activity. Praise God!

I still have six(ish) months before I can legally drive, but I've been planning out activities for the next few months based around Sweetheart's schedule to compensate.

All in all, it's been a life-changing time. Learning to live with a disability is going to be challenging, but with the help, love and prayers of my family, I'll learn. And I'm feeling up to the challenge. Praise God!

03 June 2012

This Is What You Do

When everything you take for granted is no longer guaranteed, you grab onto the immovable strong points in your life.

You hold fast to God. You worship Him with every fiber of your being and you praise Him for carrying you through all the troubles and you thank Him for comforting you through the pain.

You wrap your Sweetheart up into a bear hug and you just don’t let go. Ever! You calm her fears by sharing your own and you reassure her by reminding her that you’re still here and that she can always rest in your arms.

You sit down on the couch, prop yourself up with pillows, and then you take your precious babies up onto your lap and hug them until you can’t hug them anymore. When they want to fly in your arms, you prop your legs on the ottoman and let them bounce like they’re riding a horse instead. You calm their fears by laughing with them and reading to them and watching Doc McStuffins with them until they forget you’re sick.

This is what you do when your life is turned upside down and you’re scared out of your ever lovin’ mind. You find the strength God gives to every father to comfort his family. You drag it out of your heart, through the pain, past the fear, and you shower it upon the ones you love. You remember that no matter what else is going on, you’re Daddy, and Daddy has a job to do.

And that’s what you do.