14 June 2012

Amazing Moments

Today was a really bad day. It started out nice, but very soon deteriorated. Sweetheart and I were both tired and the kids were extraordinarily energetic. Sniping and crying abounded. Such is life as a family some day.

It got much worse in the afternoon when I collapsed and came to with the absolute worst migraine I have ever had in my life. I've had pain before, but never like this. It was bad enough that it scared Sweetheart and the kids and freaked me out pretty bad. A few hours of fitful sleep along with my migraine pills and I had returned to the land of the living adequately enough to gather my babies up for their nightly Blessing. Then Sweetheart took them off to bed. Or so we thought.

Little Man wanted a few dozen more hugs which made me smile so big it hurt. Then Princess snuck out of her room to come snuggle with Daddy long enough to share one of the most amazing moments I have ever had in my life. My precious little daughter wanted to make sure I felt better. She wanted to make sure I wasn't worried or afraid.

So she told me about Heaven.

She told me of when she and her brother were with God and Jesus in Heaven, before they came to be with us. She described the special baby cribs that Jesus had for them, each with their own special blanket. She told me of the special toys God gave them to play with - hers were butterfly keys. She told me of the songs Jesus sang to them while He played with them. She told me of how great God was at taking care of all of us and of how much Jesus loved us. And she told me that any time I needed her, she would be right there by my side. She said when you love someone as much as she loves me you always make sure you're there to help them so they don't get scared.

Its not often I find myself speechless, but tonight was one of those times. it's so easy to get caught up in the frustrations and pains of life. But tonight, my sweet daughter reminded me of where I came from, and where I'm going. She reminded me of how much she loved her Daddy, and of how much our Father loves all of us.

I've heard it said that when we're born, God makes us forget the glory of Heaven. I don't know. I think perhaps we choose to forget instead. And perhaps some, like my Princess, choose to remember.

And thank God for that!