29 June 2012


I had never been more happy to have a migraine. My head was throbbing, but the smile on my little Princess' face was SO worth!

I had just gotten home from getting an MRI of my head, so my noggin was already a little sore. I turned the TV to my Pandora so I could relax with a little music. Well, the Oak Ridge Boys came on and Princess started spinning and begging me to dance with her. I hadn't been able to for quite a while and I told her I couldn't, but the look of disappointment on that precious little face was more than I could live with. So I grabbed her up and as she held onto my neck, giggling and shrieking in delight, I taught my Princess how to do the two-step. Well, okay, it was more like shuffling in circles around the family room, but she didn't care and I sure didn't either.

There are certain experiences in life that simply defy expression. I can't describe the overwhelming joy I felt as I watched my love walk down the aisle of the chapel to be my wife. I can't describe the mixture of fear, awe, pride and joy I felt as I watched my beautiful wife give birth to our two children. And I simply don't have the words to adequately express the happiness, the love, the sheer elation of dancing with my daughter. As I spun in circles and she giggle delightedly, I felt something "click." It was like my purpose in life was affirmed.

I am Daddy. To hell with the migraine. Daddy is gonna dance with his Princess.