25 June 2012

Mars & Venus?

Venus be danged, sometimes I think men come from Earth and women come from Alpha Centauri or somewhere!

Bless her heart, Sweetheart had grown her hair long because she knows I love it like that. What can I say? She's sexy as all get out, and when she tosses her hair it just make my knees shake.

But, it's 100' and 83% humidity. The poor thing has been gettin' hot! So when she mentioned it and asked if I would mind if she cut it, I said of course not. By all means, get comfy. I told her she could cut it as short as she wanted.

So Sunday afternoon, I was finally starting to feel better, and I told her to take off for the stylist. I made sure to tell her explicitly that she could cut her hair any length she wanted and style it however she wanted. I was very clear. Intuitive, perhaps.

So she came back. Happy, bouncy and with five inches less hair. And lookin' good!

As soon as she walked through the door, I perked right up and said "I really like your hair! It's sporty!"

Now this is where my alien theory comes in. You can't have this broad of a translation difference if you're both from the same planet.

I said, "I really like it!"

She heard, "I hate your hair!"

I said, "It's sporty!" I was thinking of how young she looked. In my mind were images of convertible sports cars and bikinis and beaches and how much fun we could have with those three things and a weekend babysitter, if ya get my drift. So if you're a man reading this, you understand my Sweetheart's new haircut REALLY gets my approval.

If you're a woman reading this, you're probable from another solar system, too, because you probably think the same thing my wife did. She even told me I ruined her mood.

Yep. I said, "I really like it! It's sporty!"

She heard, "I hate your hair! It makes you look like a butch lesbian!"

'Nuff said.