23 June 2012

A Redneck is Revealed

Ah, it's such a nice feeling when you can watch your children and see parts of yourself passed on into the next generation. You can feel your chest swell up with pride. You might even feel a little tear drop start to form in the corner of your eye.

It's even more satisfying when the event leads to your precious wife rolling her eyes and muttering something to the effect of "Those are your screwed up genes."

Sweetheart brought home supper from a new Mexican food restaurant in town and of course, being married to a Texan, made sure to get plenty of salsa. Little Man was watching me eat, and of course I was using copious quantities of the hot stuff. Sweetheart doesn't approve of my love of spice, but she tolerates it. See, I, umm, well...I married a Yankee. Yes! I admit it! But in her defense, she saw the light after our Princess was born and renounced her Yankeeness to become a full-fledged adopted Texan.

But the poor thing still has very mild tastes and tries to keep the kids from getting anything too spicy. Well, Little Man's patience with Mommy's protectiveness was exhausted. He started wildly waving his hands and hollering over Sweetheart at me. I knew what he wanted. That's my boy, after all! Sweetheart was shaking her head but I just pointed at my wildly gesticulating son and said, "Tell him that." I passed over the salsa, the hottest variety, and she reluctantly handed it to my boy. I held my breath and watched, eagerly anticipating the victory of Texan genetics. Sweetheart waited with napkins in hand, expecting the boy to throw up.

Needless to say, Texas wins every time. That boy's a solid Texan redneck through and through. He tasted the salsa on a tortilla, threw the tortilla away and started shoveling the salsa straight into his mouth with his hands! Smiling all the while.

God bless Texas!