11 June 2012

Spoiling Sweetheart at Pandora

I love buying Sweetheart jewelry. Well, actually, I love buying Sweetheart anything. She's a lot of fun to spoil. Unfortunately, she doesn't let me do it very often. She gets onto me because I refuse to buy knock-offs or inexpensive items. I insist on buying the highest quality I can possibly afford, even if I have to plan for it for a long time.

I remember early in our relationship, after she (oh so subtly) hinted (hear the sarcasm here?) that she had always wanted a Coach purse. I gave myself a crash course in ladies handbags. I tickled more than one sales clerk into gales of laughter. You have to understand...I'm a big boy. And even though I was described as an enlightened redneck by a yankee navy buddy many, many moons ago, I'm still a redneck. No, I don't know what enlightened redneck is supposed to mean either. Maybe it means I like a good bottle of port. Your guess is as good as mine. In any case, you just have to imagine this large redneck sauntering into a high falutin' ladies fashion boutique. Ya with me so far? Now imagine that large redneck asking for explanations about the various styles of handbags. And imagine him lining up the sales staff looking for the one who most closely matched his beautiful Sweetheart's size and stature so they could model how the bag would wear. Oh my. I got hit on by more women. And a few confused men.

So far I've bought her three Coach bags and a wallet. Ah, that reminds me of when I bought her second one at the coach store in Arlington. By this time, I knew more about ladies handbags than my lady, so I led the way. This huge redneck, wearing a baby boy in an Ergo, giving a Princess a ride on his shoulders, mopping sweat off his forehead from the exertion of trying to force Sweetheart into the store. Let's just say I got some funny looks. How many men have to convince their wives to buy a new purse.

And the convincing got even more attention. It was really no big deal to me, but it shocked the daylights out of the sales staff and several customers. See, my Sweetheart's first Coach bag was sturdy. And it had to be. It had become the family teething toy. Any time she sat it down, someone took a nibble. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it tastes better than other purses. I don't know. All I know is two Cocker Spaniels, my daughter and my son all teethed on Coach. That danged thing held up pretty well too. But apparently that statement made these women think I was crazy. I heard one whisper in the background about how some people have more money than sense. Ha!

And then, to make it more amusing, I started doing the clerks' job by taking her and Sweetheart around the store explaining the styles and colors. And then I insisted on a new wallet and tried to get her a matching diaper bag, but she made me stop.

I'm a humble man, but I'll have to admit, every lady in that store wanted a piece of this big ol' Texan!

I did the same thing with jewelry.

She only wanted three rings - her wedding ring, engagement ring and a sapphire for the right hand. That sapphire took several years to find. I searched stores all over the country looking. Yeah, at the time the big redneck was a trucker. It adds another dimension of funny when you idle up to a boutique in a semi.

She also has a stunning neckline, which I like to see her show off. So I figured I'd buy her some necklaces. After much time and effort, nope. The jewelry box I bought her has many many necklaces she stopped wearing because of the kids. Now she says she doesn't like necklaces. Oh well.

Sweetheart's big thing is ear wear. She loves earrings. She used to only wear on or two pairs of costume jewelry. A little cash well spent later and she has a large choice. She has fantastic ears, and sapphires or pearls show them off really well.

And of course, I've had to spoil her with watches, too. See, I really did mean it when I said I love to spoil her. She gets a kick out of the fact that I pick out most of her clothes and pretty much all of her shoes, jewelry and accessories. But shoot, she does the same for me! I just figure that's what I'm here for.

The one thing I had missed was something she said she didn't like. A bracelet. I had never looked for her, because she complained that they bothered her. No problem.

Until I did some looking for Mom and found her a Pandora bracelet for Mother's day. Oh my! She loved it. I didn't think she would know what Pandora was, but she did. I've never given a better received gift to anyone.

And then...

Sweetheart began asking why I hadn't bought her a Pandora. And she didn't appreciate me telling her she didn't like bracelets. I got the whole "Aren't I allowed to change my mind??" speech. Dang!

Well, this weekend, while the kids were gone, I took her to the Pandora store and fixed that real quick. A new bracelet and a couple of charms. Oh, I am a sentimentalist, did I mention that. She has two charms, which isn't much yet, but now I can sneak them in any time I can get away with it. She tried to get me to only get one, but I snuck another on when she stepped out for a minute. She has a smiling sunshine bead, because she's my sunshine (I'm a Statler Brothers fan), and she has a heart shaped lock with a dangling key. Yes, I'm a sappy romantic as well, but doggone it, she does have the key to my heart. She laughs at my sappiness, but she had shiny eyes and a really, really big smile when I pointed out what the charms meant.

I'm really impressed with the Pandora line. I thought it was a bit expensive, but the quality is worth it. Sweetheart can't even get it off by herself, which tells me the kids won't be able to tear it up. And everything being sterling silver means it won't wear off or irritate my darling's sensitive skin. I'm pretty happy with it, all in all.

Especially since I now have an easy excuse to continue to spoil Sweetheart for a long time to come, and she can't object!