03 June 2012

This Is What You Do

When everything you take for granted is no longer guaranteed, you grab onto the immovable strong points in your life.

You hold fast to God. You worship Him with every fiber of your being and you praise Him for carrying you through all the troubles and you thank Him for comforting you through the pain.

You wrap your Sweetheart up into a bear hug and you just don’t let go. Ever! You calm her fears by sharing your own and you reassure her by reminding her that you’re still here and that she can always rest in your arms.

You sit down on the couch, prop yourself up with pillows, and then you take your precious babies up onto your lap and hug them until you can’t hug them anymore. When they want to fly in your arms, you prop your legs on the ottoman and let them bounce like they’re riding a horse instead. You calm their fears by laughing with them and reading to them and watching Doc McStuffins with them until they forget you’re sick.

This is what you do when your life is turned upside down and you’re scared out of your ever lovin’ mind. You find the strength God gives to every father to comfort his family. You drag it out of your heart, through the pain, past the fear, and you shower it upon the ones you love. You remember that no matter what else is going on, you’re Daddy, and Daddy has a job to do.

And that’s what you do.