27 June 2012

Time Changes

It's amazing how time changes things. My Mama and Granny both passed on in 1994. A long time ago. It took me years to get to the point where I can reminisce about them without getting all teary eyed and depressed. Oh, don't get me wrong - I'm a little blurry in the eyes now, but as I've told Princess, sometimes tears are good.

I was still sick, so I couldn't go to church with the family Sunday morning. But that wasn't gonna stop me from having fun praising God! So I cranked up my Pandora station and between coughing fits, I was singing along with all my favorite old gospel hymns. Sweetheart doesn't like southern gospel music much (that whole Yankee thing again), so I don't get many chances to enjoy the old songs. The Furball was looking at me like I was crazy, and I probably did sound mighty funny croaking along with the music as best I could through my laryngitis. But ah, these old songs get to me!

I remember many dusty afternoons sitting on the floor in front of Granny's old record player, listening to Gospel music. Song after song would play, with Granny telling me which record to load up next. And always reminding me to be careful with the needle! Come to think of it, she'd generally get a bit teary eyed, too, although Granny would never admit to crying. She'd tell me stories about the family, and about the music, and we'd while away an entire day just listening. I miss that.

Mama was the same. She could sing beautifully to the old hymns. They always seemed to make her sad though, so before too long, she'd switch over to rock & roll. No, I don't mean rock music. I mean rock & roll. She loved the music of the '50s, and so do I. She'd dance and sing and tell me about sock hops. I miss that, too.

For the longest time, I couldn't listen to the old music without getting sad. Ah, but ya know, some things are just too happy to leave in the past, even if remembering them makes your eyes water a little. My Princess loves dancing, and she inherited my passion for music. And we're beginning to see it coming through in Little Man, too. And as long as I set the Pandora to Quick Mixx so it includes some of Sweetheart's newer stuff, too, we're golden. And when Princess asks why I'm crying, well, she knows about Heaven, and I've been trying to  figure out how to explain that she actually has another set of grandparents who went to Heaven before she was born. (Hence my tears)

Ya know, maybe I'll let just let the music help me help her get to know them.