28 July 2012

1 Day to Go

Okay, when you start becoming antiquated, you can lose track of days, so I forgot to post my countdown. Or maybe it's not so much senility as two year molars forcing their way into the boys mouth and Sweetheart being sick. In either case, I lost a day.

So today is my last day as a thirty-something. It's remarkably anti-climactic. I thought I'd be bawling and morose. Wailing over the years gone by. Or maybe planning a proper midlife crisis, complete with gold chains, furry chest and a red sports car to make me feel young.

Nah! My chest isn't furry enough, I hate gold and I'm too fat for a little red sports car. Now a comfy Cadillac, perhaps...

No wailing either. The years ahead are more interesting to contemplate than the years gone by, and the present is a whole lot more fun to pay attention to.

Well, now speaking of presents and whining...

I did whine just enough to be allowed to open one present early. Oh my! Mom and Dad bought me a Merkur "Futur", which is only the best double edge safety razor made! I almost broke a leg getting upstairs to try it out. Toss in a feather blade and my face is now smoother than a baby's bottom. And I change a baby's diapers every now and then, so I can safely make that comparison.

And this pleasantness is after being woken up with hugs from my sweet children. Now you just can't get a better day to end your first 40 years than this!