25 July 2012

4 Days to Go

Okay, so I'm beginning to think someone is feeding my sweet little Princess one-liners. It can't be my Sweetheart, she's trying very hard to convince me I'm a teenager.

No, I'm beginning to suspect the Old Man himself, my father-in-law. I don't know why he would do it. I mean, teaching my daughter to ask him what it was like to ride a dinosaur was harmless fun. And I hardly ever make wisecracks about his age myself. (Oh dang - I think lightening just hit my yard.) Okay, so perhaps I make a few jokes at his expense, but it's only 'cuz I love him. And if you had seen his eyes when Princess asked him about dinosaurs, you'd have to admit it was funnier 'n all get out! I thought my Sweetheart was gonna beat me over that one.

Yep, I think Dad is calling in one-liners to her. There's just no way - even as brilliant as she is - that my darling little four year old could come up with the kind of remarks she's been popping out to make me feel decrepit these last few days.

Last night, after I blessed them both and was putting her to bed, I tucked her in and began to kneel down beside her bed to give her a hug and tell her a story. As I started to take a knee, she said, "Careful, Daddy, you might hurt yourself!"

Now that's just mean!

But, I'm a big boy. I shook it off and began my story. Now, Princess doesn't like fiction. She prefers biographies. So I started to tell her about a trip my Mama took me on when I was a lad. I was describing the pickup we drove in when she stopped me and whispered in surprise, "You mean you had cars when you were a boy!?" She then proceeded to ask how I could remember something that happened so long ago.

Now that's just pure dee harsh. Next thing ya know, she'll be asking about dinosaurs I rode.