23 July 2012

6 Days to Go

Well, there are six days left until I turn 40, and I've finally entered the 21st century. Only 12 years behind schedule. Hey, for an aging redneck, that's not too bad. Yep, today I finally got rid of my antiquated Directv and went streaming wifi for everything. It's great! And the kids love it. They can watch dang near anything they want, any time they want. Between Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Vudu, I'm having a blast. Having a blast watching TV you say? Spoiling my children's minds with too much TV you say? Shoot no! I'm having a blast saving over $900 a year for channels we have no interest in watching. Ouch, that kind of shows my age doesn't it? Oh well. I kind of felt like Jeff Foxworthy for awhile - "Somebody turn something off!" I figured out that we were watching maybe 3 or 4 hours of TV per week and most of that were kids shows. So out it goes! I've got my Blackberry, my internet TV, my tablet, my kindle...and I even know how to use most of this stuff!

Shoot, I'm gettin' so modernized - before ya know it, I'll be doin' that chirpin stuff like the young folks!