20 July 2012


"No man is an island unto himself," I believe is how the old line goes. And that is a very true statement. We try to handle all of the interesting twists life throws at us by ourselves, but it's simply not possible. Life will inevitably throw a curve ball at you and you'll have a choice. You can stick to your pride and never ask for help (because that shows weakness) which is how I was reared, or you can reach out and admit you need a hand. Everyone needs help at some point or another. Over the last week, I learned that asking for help when I really needed it was not only the wisest path, but the most enjoyable.

When Sweetheart had to go out of town before my seizures were completely under control, I was forced to reach out and ask for help. I had to have a sitter - not just for the kids, but for me. Now you want to talk about a blow to the pride! That definitely hurt.

But, I asked. And the next day, I got a message on Facebook from an old Navy buddy whom I hadn't seen in 14 years. He not only volunteered to come sit with me, taking almost a week off work to do so, he did it with the understanding that I might have more seizures and that he would be taking care of all of us.

As it turned out, Shorty was a great caretaker. He helped change diapers, he cooked great meals, he helped keep the house clean, he watched the kids for hours and hours when seizures and migraines knocked me down and he did it all with a smile and laughter. The kids loved him. Even the Furball loved him. And our friendship picked up again as though we had never been apart. The reminiscing hardly stopped. I watched him drive off after Sweetheart returned with a tear in my eye. This friend of such selfless nature. Would that I could say I've always been the same. But Shorty has reminded me that I have some great examples to follow, and follow them I will. My new goal is to pass on the example and teach my children to know the value and joy of true friendship.