09 July 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

Well, we've had a lot of fun visiting with the Grandma and Granddad, and now we're back home. Funny thing is, with my recent seizures, I'm not allowed to drive. Now that is simply NOT the natural order of things. My Sweetheart is an intelligent, accomplished professional woman. She helps save the world, literally, every day. She can do just about anything she sets her mind to.

Long distance driving...ehh, not so much. She considers 20 miles too long a drive. So for her to drive 800 miles in a week MESSED her up! She told me she never wants to drive again as long as she lives! I think she searching for condos in downtown right now!

Poor thing, after awhile, I felt sort of bad for her. That is, in the bits between my drug induced sweet dreams.
See, the first leg of the trip was so hard on me - between the discomfort of being a passenger, the car-sickness (who knew?), the seizures and the migraine, not to mention the fear of not being the one driving - that I took some benadryl and knocked myself into happy little dreams occasionally interrupted by a screaming child or too, or an odorous whiff of my gassy Furball, or the muttering of my wife as she grumbled for the 90th time that she now understood why I would be so cranky by the time we got to our destination when I drive.

At one point I woke up as we stopped for a lunch break. Sweetheart went in for food and left me rubbing my eyes and watching the kids run around screaming. Little Man walked up to me, pointing at his hair - or so I thought. Now. His hand was glued to his head by a gummy bear Sweetheart had apparently given him to stop him from screeching in the car!

Princess couldn't stop jabbering and was moving so fast it was like she was warping through space-time or something. She collapsed to the curb long enough to sit for the camera, then was off again. I could track her by the periodic calls of, "I'm all right!" This is her way of letting me know she tripped/fell/bumped her head/ran into a wall/etc. and does not immediately need medical attention, but reserves the right to ask for a bandage later.
I did the manly thing and offered to drive, and I did a pretty good job of not snickering as she jumped and hollered. In any case, she refused.

So I went back to sleep. It was hard, and I almost felt a little pang of guilt, but I managed to sleep most of the way home.
Maybe being a passenger isn't so bad!