12 July 2012

How to Surprise Your Husband

So, your beloved husband has everything he needs, and almost everything he wants. He knows you're going to buy him the ASUS Transformer TF300 Tablet he's been drooling over, so there's really no surprise.

But you love surprises!

So how do you still surprise your dear hubby for his milestone birthday? Well, it's quite simple. You tell him that something unexpected has come up and you're not sure you can buy the tablet on which his heart was set. Then, you wait until he is completely off guard - for instance, when he's taking a nap to recover from a wicked migraine. Then, you burst in the door preceded by a gaggle of excited children (and dog), and as everyone jumps onto the bed, your ecstatic daughter can throw the box containing the tablet you just bought onto your husband's face while screaming, "Happy Early Birthday!!!!"

Do this three weeks before his birthday and I personally guarantee you will knock him speechless. And put a huge smile on his face.

Oh, and it's a great cure for a migraine, too!