06 July 2012

Ramblings at Grandma's House

As we sat around the family table, enjoying a good meal and pleasant conversation, Mom commented that Sweetheart and I should have two more children, so we could be like both our parents and have four little ones.

Umm, no.

No, no, no.

I am 100% sure that I am done. Sweetheart is 90% sure she's done. I've agreed to revisit the topic later this year on her birthday, but if she doesn't change my mind, I'm getting snipped. Just to make sure. At that point, if God desires us to have more little trekkers, then that's fine. But it'll take nothing less than an act of God. I am done.

This is especially easiest to determine whilst on family visits. The two partners in crime are running around like the proverbial headless chickens. Tormented dogs yowl; vases vibrate precariously throughout the grandparents non-child proofed home; crumb trails multiply; and, Lego land mines proliferate. The crankiness which can only be produced by overly stimulated, nap refusing, adrenaline fueled little hellions is growing. As is the fatigue which is felt by all, but is translated differently in each body according to age. The older you get, the more fatigue related pain is felt. I don't quite understand the physics behind the conversion of fatigue to pure energy in the rug rats, but it's phenomenal to watch. Little Man is literally bouncing off walls, tables and dogs. His speed is increasing to such highs I no longer even try to catch him any more. I figure I'll just catch him when he bounces hard enough to land on his butt momentarily. Gotta be quick though - he shakes it off pretty fast and then it's full speed ahead again and I'm left in the dust. Princess turns the fatigue into vocal energy. I'm pretty certain her mouth hasn't been closed in three days. I keep expecting her to lose her voice, but apparently four year old vocal cords are really tough.

Yep, traveling to visit family with two little ones who transform into little heathens every time we get in the car is an interesting adventure. It's tiring, stressful and makes my hair go gray. Okay, it makes my hair go gray-ER.

Ah, but it's worth every second.

Now, excuse me while I sneak off for a nap.