30 July 2012

Review of the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield for the ASUS Transformer TF300 Tablet

Okay, it takes a lot to make me recommend a product, but I've found some doozies here lately. The most impressive is the ArmorSuit MilitaryShieldscreen protector for my new ASUS Transformer TF300 T-B1-BL Tablet. I was having fits keeping fingerprints off the screen, since the Princess loves nothing better than to touch the screen with a sticky little finger and say, "What's that, Daddy?" Now, Daddy is a little bit OCD - well, okay, I'm a lot OCD. Fingerprints drive me nuts. Not to mention the Little Man has developed a passion for pens. We can't figure out where he's getting them all, but he manages to always find one and scribbles on anything he can reach. So I've been dreading him getting after my screen and damaging it.

No more worries. I did a little research and found the ArmorSuit on Amazon.com for a reasonable price. I  was leary of it since some folks seem to have a hard time with installation. I had also had nightmares with a previous product when I had my last touch screen device. So it sat on my table for a couple of days with me thinking I would screw something up. Then I summoned up my coordination, which is normally absent, and got to it.

After thoroughly cleaning the screen and making sure there were no specks anywhere, I cleaned it again. The product supplies a good amount of cleaner, so I figured I'd make sure it was good and shiny. Then I sat it aside while I prepared the film. The instructions are easy to understand, and very easy to follow. Simply wet your fingers, wet the film evenly, peel it carefully from the backing and then wet the adhesive side evenly. Place it on the screen, maneuver it into place, making sure to keep it wet throughout the process, and then work the air bubbles out with the included tool. I was surprised to find that I had only one tiny air bubble. But I figured just to make sure, I'd wet it down again and do it twice. Then I sopped up the excess and gave it and light wiping down. I left it to dry overnight and was shocked the next morning to find that it was a perfect installation.

Some had complained of decreased sensitivity, and the manufacturer says it may take a few days to regain full sensitivity, but I experienced none of that. I was able to use it as soon as I woke up and had no impairment at all. In fact, the screen seems to respond better to my input now. It's almost as is the film gives me a little traction and ensures I hit the right spot without my pudgy fingers sliding around.

So there it is, my first died in the wool product review. If you have a touch screen device, I don't think you can't get a better protective material than ArmorSuit.