29 July 2012

Ta Da! It's Here!

Thank God they didn't use 40 candles! There'd of been no cake left!
Well, I'll be! I'm 40, and I'm still kickin'! And feeling great, no less! It's nice to know my teenage beliefs about what age was "over the hill" were so obviously wrong.

Yesterday, Sweetheart told me we were going to go visit my brother and sister-in-law for dinner. Apparently, I'm completely guileless, because it didn't even occur to me to expect a surprise party! They blew me away. (Note: see my next post to see how close that came to being literal). It wasn't just dinner with my brother and his wonderful wife. I walked in the door and there were me niece and nephew, and my sister-in-laws whole family!

What a great surprise! And to top it off, Sweetheart went off portion control watch and let me chow down on my brother's incredible BBQ ribs and my sister-in-law's phenomenal potato salad. She even let me have a big ol' piece of cake with ice cream! I'm still full!

The little ones had a blast, too. Princess was the belle of the ball and she knew it. She danced with all the guys and she had an audience at every quarter, which was great because she jabbered herself hoarse. That child loves and audience. Little Man was in his element. Lots of women folk to woo! They thought it was cute - I thought it was hilarious! He had 'em eatin' out of his little bitty hands. That boy didn't even have to lift a cup. He just found a lady to tip it up and hold it while he drank! Oh my. And of course, being 101 degrees, the sprinkler can out and we all lived our younger days vicariously through them as the sprinkler came out and they played.

What a great night! Even when we started to leave and found our headlights had burnt out, the night stayed great. The men came out and worked to replace them as quickly as possible to get our young'uns back home to their beds. I know several guys who are cut up and bruised this morning from trying to replace those danged bulbs before realizing we had to remove the whole danged grill to do the job. Gotta love modern engineering. But they got us on the road!

That was without a doubt the best birthday party I've ever had!