17 August 2012


Many times in the last few months, I've had reason to think about Blessings. I use a capital B because I'm not talking about the things we daily think of as blessings, as gifts from God which show His love for us. No, I'm referring to Blessings in the Biblical Patriarchal sense. I've noticed that people think it's unusual - either in a good way or a bad way, depending on the person - that I Bless my children daily.

I don't remember when I began Blessing them both every night before they go to bed. All I can say for sure is that some time after the Little Man was born, I felt strongly that I should hold both of my children and Bless them in the Name of Jesus. I don't know if it's Biblical or not, I just know that, as their father, I feel compelled to Bless them with peace, love, healing and protection. And a big hug and kiss - and of course happy dreams. I feel in my heart that God honors the promises of a father to his children when they are asked in the Name of His own Son. I see evidence of it almost every night. Little Man started sleeping less fitfully and seems to be bothered less by teething at night. The biggest change, though, has been in my Princess. She absolutely will NOT go to sleep without being my Blessing. She used to wake up many times during the night. She was afraid of the dark, afraid of noises, afraid of the door being closed, afraid of monsters and anything else she could come up with. She would get up and run in our room sobbing or screaming. This went on for two years. Since I began Blessing her, she sleeps like a rock and wakes up happy. She goes to sleep faster, too. It's been rather amazing to watch. My wife looked at me kind of funny at first, until one night I said no and she told me I HAD to Bless them. Biblical or not, it held power and my children relied upon that security. So Blessings they receive.

I don't generally think about it except that tonight, I felt compelled to Bless my Sweetheart. She's had so many stresses and problems pulling her in so many directions that I just felt I had to do something to help, and since I can't take over her career, and I can't heal her folks or move her brother to Nashville, I did what I could do. I laid my hands on her and gave her the Blessing of her husband. She seems to be more peaceful now, and she's snoring happily, so Lord willing she'll be Able to drop the worries and sleep well.

At the risk of attracting crackpot comments, I would definitely enjoy hearing from other parents on this topic. Am I alone, or are there other fathers who Bless their children?