02 August 2012

Children's Go Bag

Princess' Pink Go Bag
As a prepper, I try to be prepared for everything. I don't always manage it, but I do always try to learn from my mistakes. Through trial and error over the last four years, Sweetheart and I have been developing a go bag for the kids to make sure they keep themselves out of trouble wherever we might be.

We actually managed to find a pink camp backpack that's a perfect fit for Princess. It will carry everything she needs for a day out, and also doubles as her "keep me busy enough in the car to keep Daddy sane" bag. It's the perfect size for a coloring book, crayons, her LeapFrog Laptop, a book or two, a change of clothes (vacuum packed, of course), a container filled with healthy snacks, some Sani-Hands for quick clean ups, her security blanket (which goes by the name of Pink), and her baby doll. It has a side pocket which is the perfect fit for her Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle. She loves it! And it makes it so much easier to keep her occupied when I'm at a doctor's office or when we're on road trip. When we're going somewhere, like Grandma's house, we can toss her tooth brushing kit,  her sound machine and pair of pajamas, both also vacuum packed for durability during the trip, and we have the ability to get her straight to bed as soon as we arrive without having to unload the car first. After a six or seven hour drive, that is a blessing indeed!
A complete change of clothes, in 1/2".

Little Man still lives pretty much out of his diaper bag, but I think he's getting big enough to trade that out for a little go bag of his own. Of course, I'll substitute some cars in lace of the baby doll and add his LeapFrog Text and Learn. And his hammer. That boy always has to have a hammer with him. Hmm...kind of annoying actually, but I've been assured he'll stop banging on things eventually.