20 August 2012

Great Mistakes

Ain't it great when you make a mistake and it turns out better than if you hadn't screwed up? Yesterday, I made a couple of loaves of this really good country oat bread. Sweetheart makes some incredible french toast with it. But when I was kneading the bread, something just didn't look right. The dough just stayed shaggy and wouldn't form up. So I added a little more flour. And a little more. And a little more. I finally realized that I was using freshly ground whose wheat flour, and in our humidity yesterday, it was just too moist to form up the dough. So I added a touch of all purpose flour and it came together in a nice satiny smooth ball.

But it wouldn't rise. We waited an hour. Then we waited two. Finally we panned it up and waited for it to rise in a warm oven. Nope. Sweetheart said to just give it up and bake it. As it was baking, I finally realized - I had to use instant yeast in this recipe, which I don't normally use. I use active dry yeast instead. Which requires a much lower temperature. Instant takes a little more. And I didn't give it to the poor little critters, so they didn't fart enough to lighten up my bread.

But I figure, what the heck - it's for breakfast anyway. If it comes out the consistency of a week old bagel, we'll just toast it. So it came finally came out of the oven. And looked a little, um, carmelly. Yeah that's a good word for it. It looked kind of like a brick like cinnamon roll. Oh, good grief. I didn't have maple sugar. So I substituted. No big deal. Except that the substitution list I found had two separate possible substitutions, but I misunderstood and thought they were one single substitution. So instead of just adding maple syrup OR white sugar and maple extract, I added all of it. That's some sweet bread! And dense! Oh, my goodness, the thing just about broke the counter.

But my beloved and ever-supportive Sweetheart said not to worry. It'd be fine in the morning, and we can always toast it right? I was skeptical, but what the heck. The dog was sitting there at my feet begging me not to throw it away, but to give it to him instead. Course, he's on a diet, but if it's a bomb in the morning, I can sneak him a little before i throw it out - as long as my sweetie pie ain't lookin'. So fast forward to this morning, and you get some astonishingly great soft, gooey, sweetbread which goes great with a little cream cheese.

Poor Furball is so disappointed. He didn't get a bite.