22 August 2012

Great Moments

I was lying in the bed at the hotel, having been woken by the occupants in the next room. It had been a rough few days, between the wickedly sprained right foot and all the travelling, so I was enjoying a few moments to enjoy the quiet. I was stretching and waiting for the alarm to go off before waking up Sweetheart and the kids. Suddenly, the alarm went off and in a flurry of practiced orchestration, my beautiful wife slapped the snooze button, threw herself across the bed and wrapped herself around me. The next thing I knew, my love was peacefully snoring on my chest while her hair tickled my nose. I could hear the little ones begin to yawn and stretch and roll back over to sleep in their beds. I was pretty much overwhelmed by the comfortable peace of the moment as I gently reset the alarm and enjoyed the wonders of my life. Husband - Father - both at peace, lying there surrounded by everything worthwhile in my life. I was counting my self as the luckiest man in the world and thanking God.

And then my precious Sweetheart twitched gently in her sleep, moved slightly...

and kicked me square on my right foot.

Ah, well - the pain couldn't stop my glow. And I even managed to stop whimpering before she woke up.