13 August 2012


On the way home from the airport, coming home from a wonderfully fun family reunion, I mentioned that my father-in-law was the patriarch of our extended family - or clan. My daughter asked me to explain what that word was, and as I began to tell her about how Granddad was like the father of all of the other families of her aunts and uncles, she jumped in and said, "He's a hero!"

I love hearing the thoughts of my children. And she's right. Granddad is a hero. He's a hero of God. He's teaching me how to be a father and a husband. He's teaching me how to teach my own children. And all the while, he's managing the disputes and arguments and egos of a growing and spread out extended family. That kind of job takes a hero. He may be a little goofy at times, but he commands more respect than any old Superman. And Grandma, oh my! That woman, as the matriarch of our crazy little family, carries out the incredibly heroic job of loving the living daylights out of every single one of us, no matter how ridiculous we behave. Now that can't be an easy task!

Yep - I love the way my kids think!