01 August 2012

My Homemade Diaper Pack

We're about to spend much of the next month traveling. Between the cars, and airplanes and shuttles we'll be climbing in an out of, my back is hurting in anticipation. Because I seriously hate hassles and unnecessary inconvenience, I tend to prep a bit for this kind of stuff. And since I'm not the only Daddy out there who travels, I figured I'd share some of my tricks, and invite comments about yours. So over the next few days, and possibly weeks, I'll break things down and let you see how the clan gets ready for a really long trip. I'll start with the funnest part.

I get a lot of smiles, and a lot of giggles over my diaper packs, but I actually get quite a few compliments as well. As a SAHD, my goals are cost effectiveness, efficiency and preparedness. When my wife tried to give me this big honkin' diaper bag to carry, I said no way. Things were lost in there since Biblical times! My answer was to develop my tactical diaper bag, which I've skimmed over in a previous post. But even that is a pain to carry if I'm just taking the kids into the store for a little bit of coffee and shopping. But every time I tried to leave the danged diaper bag in the car, the boy would smile and fill his diaper, producing clouds of noxious fumes which, I'm pretty sure, are banned by the Geneva Convention. So I had to have a way to change a diaper.

Hence, my diaper pack. You can buy these things at Toys r Us for $5 or $6, or you can do like me and make your own. This let's me use my favorite appliance - my foodsaver. Oh, I love this thing. I'd vacuum pack the kids to keep them clean, but Sweetheart says it would be bad for their lungs. It's great for packaging things up for convenience sake. Or, as in this case, for odor eradication.
The actual package is quite simple. I take a diaper, and a diaper disposal bag and stick hem in a regular food saver bag made from an 11" roll and cut to 6" length. I seal one end first. In a separate pouch, of about 4" by 5 1/2" (I'm not OCD enough to actually measure it), I place five diaper wipes, squeeze it fairly flat, and seal it up. This way the wipes stay wet pretty much indefinitely. The wipes go in the pack,accompanied by one or two Sani-Hands sanitizing wipes. These last are a nod to my OCD. I can't change a diaper without them. The pack is then vacuum sealed into a small, durable pouch about 1/3" thick, which can fit in Sweetheart's purse, or can be easily carried. It's a perfect alternative to carrying a full diaper pack. And put one or two in the glove compartment and you have a quick and easy way to change a diaper on the road. The only tool you need is your handy pocket knife, which of course, should always be in your pocket anyway.