16 August 2012

Nostalgia & Family

Little Man's first flight.
It is so cool meeting new family! My Sweetheart's family reunion was a wonderful opportunity for the kids and me to finally meet her extended family. She has so many cousins and aunts and uncles - apparently Yankees have very little outside entertainment. I guess they missed the whole TV thing. Makes for big families. But it also makes for fun stories and great times listening to the old folks reminisce.

Sweetheart's Grandpa and Grandma were full of stories, as befitting a couple who have been together for 67 years. Grandpa was telling stories of his brother - who fought in WW II, until he was captured by the Germans and died as a POW - and of his own days as a printer for 50 years. He talked about his days as a sailor in WW II and about how an argument with a nurse in Norfolk ended him up as a corpsman in Panama - the moral being never argue with someone who has the power to transfer you to BFE.
Great Grandpa and the tornado.

Grandpa giving me tips on shelving.
I think the coolest thing was when I found out Grandpa was also a woodworker. Mine was a Master Carpenter. I actually started developing woodworking as a hobby so I would have something to share with my son. I am really looking forward to telling my son someday that both of his great grandfathers worked with wood. Grandpa shared books and tips and sent me home with a bunch of patterns and projects to work on with the little critters.

Then there was Pat with his, um, naturally fresh water. Mm, now that was great for the pain. And Jim and Connie, who created the coolest art wall of colored bottles, and Keith and Barb and their family with their amazing hospitality...my goodness, pretty much her whole family took us into a big hug and just made us not want to leave.
Great Grandmas give expert hugs!
And they kiss boo boos away better than anyone else!
The trip itself was harsh, thanks to all the mishaps, but it was definitely worth it!