07 August 2012

Uh oh

Have you ever done something and immediately realized that you shouldn't have done it? And have you ever realized you had screwed up AFTER you realized you had been caught?

Ah, man!

I messed up. I was so intent on not having to rent a U-Haul to get our luggage to the airport that I missed the obvious. It didn't occur to me that by consolidating our luggage and packing everything efficiently and compactly to save my poor back that I was shooting myself in the foot. Nope - it didn't occur to me until I had neatly folded everything my wife said had to go with us, and fit it all into one medium sized bag instead of the numerous bags she expected. I was busily working away (mostly because my bed was under the pile, and I wanted a nap), folding and packing as the Navy had taught me when suddenly from behind me, I heard a gasp. That was when I knew the jig was up. I was busted. The next thing I heard, as my head drooped in shame at my stupidity, was my dear wife exclaiming, "I can't believe you fit everything in one bag! I'm going to have you pack for now on!"

Ah, man!

I've always managed to escape having to deal with the hassle of packing and preparing for a trip. I'm a man. I load the bags in the car, I drive to the destination - carefully monitoring fluid intake levels of all females in the vehicle while watching for exits with clean bathrooms, knowing that as soon as I pass one, someone who moments before answered my query with, "No, sir, I promise I don't have to go," will say, "I have to pee, and I can't hold it!" - and when we arrive at said destination, I unload the car. That's what a man does.

A man does not pack panties and pjs! It's just not right. Next thing ya know, she'll have me cooking and cleaning. Um...Uh oh.