11 September 2012

Boys Will Be Boys

I got a new toy! I have a nearly insatiable addiction to the finest in manly accessories - the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. I currently have eight, but one is AWOL, so we'll call it seven. My newest baby came in yesterday. The Swiss Champ! Ooooooh - I loooooove it! This thing is big, bulky, finely engineered and you can build a house with it. Or cut a steer. Or scale a barracuda. Or hang a picture. Or change Pal's batteries. Or slice your thumb open...

But the important thing is that it is a man's knife. And my son is a man. Regardless of some of the nicknames Mommy comes up with, and forgetting his occasional mimicry of his sister, my boy is a man. He saw my new knife while I was opening up a package at the table and his eyes took on that gleam - that testosterone fueled shine that says "Whoa! Hey Dad, can I have a whack at that thing? Can I have a knife like that? I bet we could rebuild the back fence, Dad. Just give me that knife and let's go. Oh, but change my diaper first, please."

Sweetheart denied it, of course. She doesn't understand. That whole different solar system things again. She said he was just reaching for a pen to draw with. Yeah, right! I held up a pen in my left hand and the knife in my right. The boy looked at the pen, looked at the knife, grew some hair on his chest, and reached for that knife with the biggest grin. He wasn't too happy when I pulled it away. Neither was my wife. But that's okay. I told the boy his knife is already tucked away, waiting for the day when I can trust him to not try to re-neuter the dog.

Then we'll go rebuild that fence together. Maybe even find a barracuda to scale.