16 September 2012

Mood Changers

So we're dog sitting for Mom and Dad for the weekend, taking care of Molly and Monty. They're cute little critters and love snuggling. It's so cute during the day. They'll sit on our laps while we work, and they're great taste testers when I'm baking.

Unfortunately, my in-laws are complete pushovers and let Molly and Monty sleep in their bed. In fact, Dad let's Monty sleep on his pillow. This is something we don't do. Furball sleeps in his nice comfy bed beside ours - which is a good thing, since he chases rabbits and snores. It's cute when he's in his bed - not so much in ours. We have an ironclad rule - no dogs and no kids in our bed.

Molly and Monty are fairly stubborn though. They just wait until we're asleep and hop up. Ah, well. Such is life.

But there's a good reason we have the rule against kids and dogs. We're young. We're amorous. We're both insomniacs. You do the math. When you have kids, the wee hours of the morning are sometimes the only time you have privacy.

So when I woke at 3:10 this morning, I grinned and reached out to stroke my Sweetheart's hair to wake her up. It took only a moment to realize the hair I was stroking was kinky. Sweetheart does not have kinky hair. Molly and Monty have kinky hair.

It took less than a moment to roll back over. Quickly. A moment more and I laughed, and went back to sleep. But not before I decided to let my sister-in-law keep Molly and Monty for now on.
Mood Changers