22 September 2012

The Grape

Furball is fat. He's fat enough that the vet has him on a diet. A diet which Furball is not very happy about. In fact, he roams around the house sniffing for crumbs and trying to make us feel guilty about "starving" him to death (remember he's capable of mind control).

So when the kids eat, that dog is right underneath Little Man, snarfing up anything that falls. Well, today he wasn't paying very close attention. The boy dropped a grape. The dog doesn't like grapes. The dog grabbed the grape out of midair, gulped it down, jumped like he'd been shocked, shook all over and gave the boy a look that clearly and indignately said, "You tricked me!"

The boy dropped another grape.

The dog looked at it and shook his head.

Then I heard him say, "Ah, what the heck! It's food."

And then he ate the grape.