02 September 2012


Since Sweetheart's out visitin', I get to listen to my kind of music. I think I might have mentioned a time or two that I'm a redneck - which means my favorite styles of music genres all include the word country in their names. Of course, in reality, I'm actually pretty open-minded. I like a whole range of stuff. Country & Western, Classic Country Gold ('60s and '70s), Country (which for me is anything produced before about 1994, with of course, the addition of absolutely anything put out by Reba, Loretta, Dolly, Kenny of either George), and, of course, Country Gospel. I also really enjoy Bluegrass. And in the spirit of fairness and openness, I will admit to having Pandora set up with a Falcon station, 'cuz, to be politically correct, I am, in actuality, a Texan-German-American. I'm also a child of the '80s and I freakin' love the crazy, upbeat music of the time - especially the German singers and the pre-techno synthesized wild stuff that Princess likes to dance to.

Sweetheart rolls her eyes at me a lot over my tastes in music.

The great thing about Pandora is that it pulls in tracks based on the style of music you like. So occasionally, I hear something from a newer artist. Now, most of this new allegedly country music is total bull put out by Hollywood producers to try to make money. Some of it though, is not too bad. Brad Paisley fits in that later group. Course, if you're buddies with Little Jimmie Dickens, you have to be okay.
So I heard this song by Brad Paisley, "Wait in' on a Woman." Oh, Sweetheart's gonna best my chaps over this one, but oh my goodness...

That's gotta be in my top ten favorite songs now. This old gentleman is telling a young feller about how he's been waiting' on a woman since the '50s. She was late for their first date, and everything else after that. But the wait is always worth it. And then he said something to the effect that men are supposed to die first, and he believes it because when it's her time to go, she won't be ready yet. So he knows when it's his time to go and he gets to Heaven, he'll just find a bench and wait on his woman.
The song really tickled me when I thought about it. When I was a kid, I was taught that if you're five minutes early, well then, you're already  ten minutes late. And my Sweetheart wasn't. Our wedding got started late, too. And we haven't been anywhere on time since we met. And it's been worth every single minute.

And now, I look at my children and see that the same holds true. My Little Man grabs his shoes as soon as he hears the word "go." That boy is like me - ready twenty minutes before anyone else in the house. My Princess - well, she couldn't be on time if you set all the clocks in the house back by two hours. Just like her Mom! Apparently it's gender based. But I've learned over the years. I don't make reservations, and I don't ever try to set a schedule for anything.

So when Princess meets that special man someday, I'll sit down with him and tell him the same thing my father-in-law told me when he saw me starting to get hot under the collar about always being late. Just sit down and relax. They'll be ready eventually, and getting annoyed won't speed them up a single bit. Hmm - that's probably why Dad's TV is always on - so he can sit down and watch TV while the women folk get ready.

Yep, I'll tell Princess' young man to sit down and relax, 'cuz it'll be awhile, but it'll be worth the wait.