29 November 2012

The Crazy Time

I know it sounds ridiculous, but as much as I hate the grouchy, tantrum filled hour or so leading up to it, I get the biggest kick out of the Crazy Time.

If you're a parent, you know what I'm talking about. The Crazy Time is that hour or two (hopefully less) when your precious child has passed the time of  "I'm tired, ready for bed, but - for whatever reason - unable to go to bed yet" to "WOW! I'm so tired my brain has gotten confused and thinks I'm Super Man! I'm gonna run around, climb the walls and bounce off the ceiling like an out of control balloon - all while laughing and shrieking hysterically!"

This evening, Little Man passed the barrier into Crazy Time and I actually managed to catch a couple of pictures of this amazing transformation. They're a bit blurry, but the laws of physics are pretty clear about the impossibility of a child staying still long enough to be caught in a photo. Something about the speed of light being slower than the speed of a toddler in the grips of Crazy Time.

Especially when said toddler is launching himself off the ottoman towards his father's temporarily unprotected crotch. Thankfully, God gives Daddies special guardian angels. How do I know this, you ask? Because a pillow miraculously fell on my lap mere nanoseconds before his feet crashed into me. It was astounding! I'm pretty sure I heard a rip in the space time continuum as the universal laws of toddler physics were broken.

So for the first time ever (at least on this blog) here is the amazing transformation caught on film.

He's almost there. Note the drooping eyes and sagging mouth. The transformation is about to begin.
There it is! Caught on film for the first time ever. Crazy Time has begun!
And this is when God intervened to protect me! Note the faster than light travel.

Crazy Time is trying, and often grueling. Perhaps even infuriating at times, depending on how far you are from their beds when it hits.

But most of the time, if you can manage to keep your sanity and just watch the show, it's absolutely hilarious.

Just remember to protect yourself.