20 November 2012

WARNING! Sappy, Emotional, Lovey Dovey Content!

Well, my beautiful, incredible Sweetheart is about to turn, um, 21 years old. I'm taking her out for the special dinner she asked for, and of course, I've chosen a few surprises for her. But, being the hopelessly sappy, and unrepentant, romantic that I am, I also wrote her a love poem.

Now, I could just write it out on pretty paper and give it to her at the restaurant, or maybe slip it into her work laptop for her to find in the morning. But I figured why settle for something so simplistic and private when I can let it all hang out, publicly embarrassing myself for the sake of love, and put it up here for her and the whole world (or at least the seven people who read my blog) to see, so that everyone can know what my dearest friend, my sweetest companion, my lifelong dream who is my Sweetheart, means to me.

And yes, I know full well that I am a few days early. For those of you who know my life, you know that for me to get things done correctly they often have to be done early or late. I didn't want this to be late. And with the holidays and the traveling, I figured I'd better be early.

(I warn you, this is your last chance to back out before it's too late and you find out just how sappy I can get!)

"How have I loved you:

I loved you in the park that day, as the sunlight framed your face and God told me you were mine;

I loved you under the stars that beautiful night you said, "Yes!";

I loved you as I stood and watched you meet me at the altar to join our lives in Covenant;

I loved you as we walked the beaches and sailed the seas, holding one another tight;

I loved you as we chased one another round the country, stealing moments when we could;

I loved you as we dined together each night, though we were a thousand miles apart;

I loved you as I held you while God stood over the deliveries of our dear children;

I loved you as you stood by my side as the doctor said those dreaded words;

I loved you as you held me up through the long and painful years, lending me your strength to carry on;

I loved you as you broke down walls to allow me in where none others had been;

I loved you as I watched you blossom into a Mother of whom mine would be proud;

I loved you as we laughed and snuggled and held hands through the mundane and the frantic;

I loved you as you I watched you sleep through the night, while you held my arms tightly around you;

I loved you as I watched you teach our children how to play leapfrog;

I loved you when you took time off from work to draw a chalk rainbow in our driveway;

I loved you as we learned to live and love as a family;

And I will continue to love you, my Sweetheart, as we walk through the years, hand in hand, holding one another tight as our love grows through all eternity."