04 November 2012

Workin' Out with Daddy

Well, my Weight Watchers experience is going great. So far, I've lost 5% of my body weight in just six weeks. Without feeling deprived or hungry. In fact, we've been experimenting and enjoying new ways of cooking and baking, to the point that we are enjoying our food more than ever.

But I digress. My Sweetheart managed to catch the photos as I was enjoying my favorite light work out. I play tennis on the Wii while I'm walking or running in place. I do an hour or so of it every day, and I've also started an actual workout program as well. But today, I was just enjoying my favorite when, all of a sudden, my Little Man came up beside me and started trying to match my pace to walk in step with me. Then he reached up and took my finger. My kids inspire me!