04 December 2012

Daddy School

Today, as my Sweetheart and I were redecorating the parlor after our children happily "decorated" the tree, she asked me how I had managed to fix a tricky section of lighting. I told her I had learned it in Daddy School. She looked at me like I was crazy before asking me what Daddy School was.

Now, I will be the first to admit that my ancestors didn't just kiss the Blarney Stone, they married the danged thing and had kids with it.  In other words, we can sling it just a wee bit better than most. Especially the men of my family.

This may explain why she thought I was making it all up when I began to explain that all Daddies go to Daddy School when their wives are pregnant with their first child. It's the law I told her. The Daddy Law.

She seemed less than convinced, and I'm a little offended by that. So I decided to break the Daddy Laws and reveal some of the secrets I learned when I attended Daddy School. That way she'll know I'm not just full of it. Right?

So, thus begins a series of articles revealing the secrets of how to be a Daddy. Secrets passed down for thousands of years, from one Daddy to the next. Secrets intended to ensure that Daddies may always be known as the great fixer, the supernatural bouncer, the most bestest hugger, the most awesomest block tower builder and so much more.

Welcome to Daddy School