03 December 2012

Sweet Revenge

My dog loves little more than to lie under my feet passing gas. Often it gets so bad he has to leave, while I'm left gagging.

Today, I got revenge.

He jumped up in my lap expecting a good ear scratch, and when he landed on me, I passed gas. Right in his face! The shock in his eyes was priceless. That dog has never moved so fast. He broke and ran, crossing the room in a split-second before diving head first into the floor and rolling around snorting. I guess he was trying to rub the stink off. I must admit it was pretty potent.

I was laughing and enjoying my revenge right up until my wife started hollering at me, saying something about something being crude, or something or other. I'm not exactly sure, as I was already running from the room to escape the toxic cloud myself.

It's good to be a man!