20 January 2013

More Testosterone, Please!

I think I need to have another son - or two or three - so the testosterone in the house will override the estrogen.

And this kind of thing is why. I speak dog, so I'll translate what he said. My poor Furball!

ZZZ.....mmm, rabbits...mmm, squirrels...
ZZZ..snort..huh...Why'd I wake up? What's going on?? Did someone say treat???
Hey, wait just a doggone minute! Is there something on my hea -  HEY WAIT! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!!
I'm tellin' ya, Mommy - I love ya, but you 're gonna want to put that camera down.  
Okay! Now you've done it. That's just mean.
DADDY! Can I pee on her camera?