20 February 2013

Public Warning...

This is what happens when you lose track of a cocker spaniel while you're setting up the Candy Land themed decorations for your daughter's birthday party. Goofy critter snuck an unknown number of suckers of the candy mountain I was building while my back was turned. All we found were sticks. A few hours later, Sweetheart said he looked sick.
No - he's just coming off a wicked sugar high! He doesn't even have the energy to wag his tail.
... This is our dog ...

... This is candy ...

.. This is our dog on candy ...

13 February 2013

Thought for the Day #23

You know you're an amateur when you decide that a strip or two of packing tape will add structural strength to the balloon you're using to make a pinata for your daughter's birthday - and you end up taping yourself to the pinata.

07 February 2013


Well, the flu has finally hit, and it hit hard. Both the kids now have it. I'm pretty sure that's breaking the law, but it is what it is.

Add to that the fact that Little Man has been trying to cut his two year molars for - well, for longer than I can remember, and you have some sleepy parents.

Today, as Sweetheart and I were in the kitchen, desperately trying to stay awake while the kids were playing, she said, "You now, I don't think we've actually been able to have an uninterrupted night of sleep since November. It's amazing we're not sick, too!"

To which I replied, "We probably are! It's just that the bugs that got into us are so freakin' tired to do anything right now."

Now I can hear little voices inside me screaming, "Come on, man, make the kids sleep so we can get to work on you!"